These Zodiac Signs Are Confirmed Enemies

You know you don’t have to like everyone, as you know you don’t have to like everyone.

Astrologers have compiled a list of the enemies of the zodiac, the pairs of zodiac signs that cannot stand each other, as well as the reasons why they do not swallow.

Here are the enemies of your zodiac sign!


Aries is like “get up and get down to business.” He always has something to do. Aries is not lazy, because laziness is the thing you hate the most in life. Aries does not like passivity, boredom kills him. Aries likes spontaneity, fun, adventure.

On the other hand, Taurus is more “domestic”, he likes to stay in the house, to enjoy the comfort of home, good food.

Taurus does not understand the continual “agitation” of Aries and why he has to do so much when he can pull a little to the right to relax.


Capricorn is a convinced traditionalist, who is based on logic and is always on the ground.

He does not understand and does not like at all those with their heads in the clouds, dreamers, idealists. Capricorn does not waste time with someone who does not share his lifestyle or strong beliefs.

As Pisces are dreamy, always with their heads in the clouds, it is clear that the two signs will not be understood at all.

Moreover, Pisces consider themselves intelligent and do not understand at all the lack of flexibility of Capricorn. They are, without a doubt, on different wavelengths.


The twins love to be in the company of friends, to have fun, to spend the whole night. Instead, Aquarius needs time alone, in which to sit quietly with his thoughts. He doesn’t understand why Gemini doesn’t know how to spend time alone.

Both consider the other untrustworthy, so they will avoid gracefully. And if they meet, they will collide head to head like rams.


Leo likes to dramatize, to believe himself the center of the Universe. In addition to always wanting to draw attention to himself, Leo does so in a way that often becomes embarrassing.

As Virgo is a convinced perfectionist and does not want to be laughed at, she will always avoid the company of Leo.

The virgin does not like to be in the center of attention because she feels uncomfortable with all eyes on her.


Cancer is a conservative who doesn’t like to try new things. He is satisfied with the comfort of his daily routine. In addition, he often becomes insecure and intrusive.

Sagittarius hates this side of Cancer because he fears that one day he might end up like that. Moreover, Sagittarius loves adventure, fun and does not see himself connected to anyone. He can often blame Cancer for being suffocating and therefore will not last long with him.


Libra likes harmony, balance. She feels the need to control things, which creates the impression of instability and aggression.

On the other hand, Scorpio is an “eye for an eye” follower. If war is needed, it will be war.

He is not interested in peace and quiet. For Libra, this is a major disruptive factor.

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