Pisces 2021 Horoscope

General overview for the year 2021

Introspect deeply to see if your perspectives are still relevant; it need courage to accept that the doctrines that you have been holding for too long might have been erroneous! 

However, such acceptance can pave the way for future progress. This year could hold many surprises for you – many times in a pleasant way.  You might be anxious about loss of control at work – where a superior may be perceived to be taking drastic decisions that might affect your prospects; but ultimately you will find that those decisions were taken with your best interest in mind. 

Single natives may find it difficult to short list a suitable and compatible match.


Your financial luck is neither too good nor too bad this year.  Expenditure will mount on various fronts, but you will manage to meet your commitments by timely inflows through various channels.  Some of you might have to dig into contingency savings or raise loans to meet current commitments. 

Ancestral property matters will proceed smoothly. Surprise income in the form of unexpected dividends from shares, or receipt of your share from ancestral property gains might prove most helpful. Risky speculative activities are not recommended this year.

Career prospects

Though there is scope for promotion or upgradation of status at work, it may come loaded with new responsibilities or unfavourable transfers.  Watch you tongue at the work-place during the middle months of the year to stay out of trouble. 

Though your bosses might seem to be working with mixed motives thereby increasing your anxiety, you will find that ultimately they have been working only with your best interests in mind.  Those in performing arts will bag stellar roles and get wonderful reviews, but without commensurate financial benefit from those ventures. 

Politicians will have to overcome many odds and anxious situations before tasting success.  Business persons may be harassed by enforcement agencies/ IT department.

Romantic possibilities, friendships, social life

You are advised to avoid impulsive romantic decisions as these might land you neck-deep in controversies. 

Curb your flirtatious tendencies to maintain good conjugal relationship with your spouse.  Health of mother might cause concern for many natives.  Activities of children will proceed smoothly.  Single natives may find it difficult to identify a suitable match.


Pain in the limbs, anxious mind-frame, nervous exhaustion, and respiratory distress syndrome might trouble you.  Meditation, regularity in meals and sleep, and moderate exercise will help you to maintain good health and cheer.  Health of mother might cause concern.

Important periods in the year 2021

  • Best period for travel: February, April, May, October.
  • Best period for romance/ family matters: February, April, May.
  • Best period for new ventures: February, September, November.