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Best Apps for Money-saving Mamas

All the cold breeze and snow-capped trees remind us that it is getting really close to the holiday season.

I know, the anxiety level shoots up as we think of all the food prep, gift list and gatherings we have to prepare for.

That said, we are here to comfort you (although virtually only),  provide you with gift ideas, and of course, help you with some major money saving apps.


What it is: Go paperless with this flyer app. Have your location set and the app will pull the flyers that are available in your area.

How you can save: First, it’s the best way to find a good deal, especially if you know what you’re looking for.

The search feature allows you to look for an item in different stores and compare them right off the bat and the “clip” feature allows you to save these items for future use.

The best part is that most stores accept price matching. Use the app to price match in your favorite store and save yourself the unnecessary trips….and also from lugging around all the flyers from your mailbox.

Checkout 51

What it is: Love cash rebates? How about being paid back a portion of your purchases? Yes please!

How you can save: CO51 gives you a list of items that qualify for their cash rebates.

All you have to do is to add the items you have bought, upload your receipt and save up the $$$. Once you hit $20, you can cash out and wait for your cheque in the mail.

PC Optimum

What it is: Store-specific app because who doesn’t go to Superstore, right?

How you can save: We all know Shoppers Drug Mart and Real Canadian Superstore now merged their point-collecting system in one card. For every dollar you spend, you collect 15 points.

Collect 10 000 points and you have $10 worth of free groceries. Of course, the more the merrier. Not only do you collect from every dollar you spend but also from personalized offers based on your previous purchases, point multipliers, and other seasonal store offers.


What it is: Honey is installed in your browser rather than on your phone. As a browser extension, Honey automatically sifts through the net to find the best coupon code for your online purchases, saving you some extra bucks when you checkout.

How you can save: As simple as signing up and installing it on your desktop (sorry, no mobile app for this one).

Once you checkout, it will pop out with some coupons (if it doesn’t, you can also click the honey icon on the side of your web browser) and all you have to do is click “Apply Coupons”. Voila!!

One Note

What it is: A simple notes app that you can sync with all your devices

How you can save: Well, the best way to tackle the war zone is to have a definite strategy on hand.

Through this handy notes app, you can list the names, gifts and have a grocery list that sync in all your devices.

Pull it out on your desktop when you online shop or in stores when you’re overwhelmed with all the sales happening and say goodbye to impulse buying.

Do you have a mobile or desktop app that you can’t live without? Something that helps you budget and save money for the household? Share them with us in the comments!

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