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What symbol represents you in the Japanese zodiac

Empress (November 19 – December 26)

The empresses stand out through their beauty, they are chic, they have an impeccable outfit. They do not like loneliness and are always in the center of attention, surrounded by people who appreciate, support or even deify them. They are strong, wise, they love parties, music. The husband of an Empress cannot be an ordinary person, he must stand out, respect and dominate her or at least equal her.

Moon (December 27 – January 18)

Like the star whose name your zodiac sign bears, you are mysterious, attractive, serene and very determined when you propose something. Creative, intelligent and intuitive, you always find a way out, even in the most difficult situations. Only love can make you go crazy, get lost, feel helpless. You move easily from one state to another, you are melancholy or impulsive, and this instability gives headaches to those around you …

Turtle (January 19 – February 14)

An ancient symbol of wisdom, the turtle is characterized above all by gentleness and a spirit of sacrifice. Perseverance and caution, if you belong to this sign you think long before you act, and after you make a decision, you don’t change your mind. You are a devoted friend, you get emotionally involved, but you don’t even look back when you are hurt or when your principles are trampled on.

Cherry blossom (February 15 – March 20)

Like the native snowdrop, the cherry blossom is for the Japanese the symbol of tenderness, sensitivity, delicacy and beauty. It is also associated with love, but also with vulnerability. You live fully and with enthusiasm every moment, in love you give yourself completely and impress your partner with a lot of affection. Your kindness brings you many joys, but also suffering.

The Sun (March 21 – April 29)

The natives of this sign that symbolize perfection shine! They are strong, orderly, confident and brave. Nothing discourages you and you go to the white canvases to fulfill your plans. Luck usually stays with you, maybe because you think positively every moment. You love madly, with passion, but extreme jealousy can suffocate and drive away your loved one.

Bamboo (April 30 – June 4)

Apparently you are robust and strong, but you have a sensitive point: dependence on the love of those around you. Too much trust in people brings you a lot of disappointments. You adapt to change and stand up stubbornly after any defeat, eager to start over and show that you can radiate again! The biggest challenge for you is to break the emotional chains that steal your freedom.

Buffalo (June 5 – July 6)

For you, the most important thing is the family, without which you can’t see your purpose on Earth. Although you are sometimes aggressive and irascible, you hate conflicts and give in first, if necessary, to restore harmony in the couple or in the relationship with dear friends. You are very faithful, devoted and do not forgive betrayal. You work to get the comfort you want and respect yourself with

Lotus flower (July 7 – August 1)

The gorgeous lotus flower beautifies the saddest and most miserable landscapes, just as you manage to float with dignity over the evil and injustices you encounter in life. You are a dreamy, sincere being with a pure soul. Stand out from any crowd and move on with your forehead up even when everyone is against you. Nothing mobilizes you harder in life than love, for which you fight to the white canvases!

The bridge (August 2 – August 27)

Stability and responsibility are your defining traits. You express yourself with an enviable ease, you are an extroverted nature, very sociable, always surrounded by people, whom you help with an open heart whenever you can. You also transmit to others the balance that characterizes you, that’s why it’s easy for you to mediate conflicts and extinguish them. In love, the risk is that your heels will light up easily, and the flame will not last long.

Garden stone (August 28 – October 10)

In Japanese culture, the stone is the symbol of durability and also a very appreciated element of decoration. Those around you admire you, appreciate you and consider you a standard. Apparently cold and distant, your confidence is hard to gain, but your loved ones know they can count on you in any situation. In love you are characterized by seriousness and stability. Your dream is to find your soul mate and not break up with him until death.

The Emperor (October 11 – November 18)

An innate leader, you know how to impose yourself and be obeyed. Social and professional status are very important to you, and if you get into a leadership position, no one will dare to leave your word. When you love, you are very possessive and you would lock your loved one in a cage without thinking. Nothing is more important than your desires, and the selfishness you show can hurt those around you.

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