Why Capricorn is the Smartest Sign of the Zodiac

Capricorn has many virtues, but one of them is particularly striking: its intelligence is practically brilliant.

This is one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac.

Capricorn has a very precise logical thinking, he knows how to see two steps forward and bring things to the desired end.

However, his imagination is poorly developed and he often sees life only in black or white tones.

Its characteristic feature is modesty. Even if Capricorn is good, this cannot be determined by his clothes, because he never advertises his success.

It is not easy to gain the trust of Capricorn, he sees through people, and easily causes a lie.

Capricorn personality

The cold charm of Capricorn can make a compelling impression on the first date. The cold is a mask that hides an extremely sensitive soul, a true volcano of passion.

Few will be able to hide near his burning heart. Capricorn is intrigued by the unperturbed expression on his face – he seems so inaccessible.

His inner world is extraordinarily rich, though he doesn’t show it to anyone.

Capricorn love profile

The main feature of Capricorn is the mystery. He, under the suffering of death, does not admit that he is tormented, worried and disturbed.

Talking about love is so painful for him, and if that happens, then he will avoid it and be shy for a long time afterwards.

And all because he is actually extremely vulnerable, extremely gentle and possessed of passions.

Capricorn falls in love in contrast – with bright, extraordinary and completely unpredictable personalities.

The following qualities are inherent in the male Capricorn:

  • self-confidence and others;
  • strict discipline;
  • honesty, justice;
  • sense of bad humor;
  • realism, logical thinking;
  • pragmatism;
  • authority;
  • avarice.

The qualities of the female Capricorn are:

  • subtlety and sophistication;
  • well-controlled sensuality;
  • firm refusal to accept compromises;
  • serious attitude towards career;
  • the desire to control everything.

Capricorns are strong and very patient, so they are good listeners and can spend a lot of time listening to people’s stories.

Therefore, they know a lot about people’s lives, history, traditions, customs, dislikes and opinions.

This increases their knowledge. This allows them to be one of the smartest representatives of the zodiac signs.