Venus, the planet of love in Sagittarius

When Venus, the brightest planet in the solar system, crosses the sign Sagittarius, we become more conquerors, more open to flirtation and adventure, but also to new relationships. Socialization will be a strong point in this period, and prejudices will tend to take them back, to overcome them. This first transit of Venus in 2019 is especially important and shocking for all the zodiacs because it is just happening in the sign Sagittarius, the transit year sign of Jupiter, their governor.

Therefore, with Venus, the planet of love and the Little Benefic, together with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and the Great Benefic, in transit through the same sign of the Sagittarius, we have no way of enjoying a favorable period and we should make the most of what gives us this aspect.

If you have Venus in Sagittarius then you are optimistic, cheerful and willing to share the joy of living with your life partner. You are not attracted to possessive, jealous, narrow minded people, and especially those who think they know them all in life. You want to know the world with your partner, so it is good to show flexibility and intelligence to go shoulder to shoulder with you. You are generous in nature and open-hearted, so it is good to be careful not to show up to people who take advantage of your kindness.

Let’s see how you fit in with the potential partners in your native map:

Venus in Aries: You can have a relationship full of joy and action so it is good to get involved in joint projects. For example, you can play a sport together. Your relationship has a lot of energy but you know what to do with it to avoid conflicts. None of you are upset and you know how to live your life.

Venus in Taurus: You are lively and with an expansive personality and the desire for freedom is great. The partner can be possessive and he likes the quiet life. These differences can create frustration on both sides. Try to better understand your real needs and accept them without discrimination.

Venus in Gemini: You are both lovers of freedom on all levels, which will lead to minimal tensions regarding possessiveness and jealousy. The relationship breaks down quickly, but it can also break down without too much regret. You can share common passions through travel or intellectual activities.

Venus in Cancer: You do not want a quiet and predictable relationship. You are attracted to travel and the outdoors. If you want the relationship with you to last then the partner is best to get involved as much as possible in your activities, otherwise you will live in parallel worlds. You are very generous, loving and eager for a relationship, and your partner also needs freedom to develop and learn permanently.

Venus in Leo
: Being a sign of fire you have both the desire for action and the joy of living beautifully. If your partner respects your desire for freedom and movement (travel, sports, etc.) then you have no reason to cheat on your partner or break the relationship. You have a lot to learn from each other.

Venus in Virgo
: Attraction exists but maintaining the relationship can become a problem. You can fit in everything related to openness to knowledge, exchange of ideas, intellectual discussions. You look at the relationship open and without prejudice, while the partner tends to notice each “crack”. You are generous and quite spending, while the partner thinks long term and prefers to save. The relationship can end with your departure because you do not like being constantly monitored and criticized.

Venus in Libra: You are both enthusiastic, and you are lovers of freedom and movement. The partner is a diplomat and does not necessarily say what he thinks for fear of breaking the harmony in the couple. It is precisely this fear that can ruin the relationship. Encourage your partner to say what he thinks.

Venus in Scorpio
: If you are willing to understand yourself and really want a relationship that works then it is possible to find a way, even if it is not easy. If at the sexual level you are compatible and there are no major problems, only when it comes to daily life can quite large differences arise. You want freedom because you like to experience as many situations in life, which is why moments can occur when the partner shows his possessiveness. Best try to experiment together and enjoy life!

Venus in Sagittarius: You can have a very interesting relationship and develop beautifully together without creating tension. You may have common or separate concerns that will help you evolve: travel, sports, major projects, in-depth studies in areas of interest. Try from time to time to be more pragmatic in the relationship to build something concrete and long term.

Venus in Capricorn: Both your personality and your couple’s needs are different, which will require extra effort to build a solid relationship. The partner is much more serious in approaching the relationship, while you are too cheerful and relaxed. Try to set clear and simple goals and bring them together to the end. Too much serious seriousness, so try to involve your partner in activities that bring joy and relaxation to the couple. The partner can teach you to have patience and perseverance when you really want something.

Venus in Aquarius
: You have common values: the desire for freedom and independence in relationships, the desire to learn permanently. You are much more expressive and your partner is more mentally active.

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