Cancer 2021 Horoscope

General overview for the year 2021

Things are not exactly on the roll for you.  You will have to strive harder than usual to maintain the tempo of progress in your life.  Travels can be wearisome, and only moderately productive. 

Single natives may not find it easy to meet their soulmates while relationships that are already shaky may collapse leading to a separation between partners. Be prepared to handle overwhelming challenges with unflinching steadfastness and sense of purpose. 

Do not expect others to chip in and help you during turbulent times; you have to fight your own battles and save your skin this year.


You will gain by unusual means this year.  Increased inflows may come in the form of salary arrears or increments with retrospective effect, through research activities, creative writing, unexpected appreciation in the value of holdings, etc.  Many of you will be required to raise loans to meet unavoidable commitments.

Be very careful in speculative dealings; greed or emotional/ impulsive trading moves can prove costly. Generally, financial luck is not too good for Cancerians during this year, and hence they should avoid taking unnecessary risks in financial matters.

Career prospects

You will enjoy mixed luck in career matters this year.  You may be willing to explore hitherto unexplored career domains and organizational roles that you have rejected in the past; however, unfavourable transfers or belligerent attitude of some associates may give you trouble.

You may have to travel a lot in connection with your professional duties.  There could be controversies regarding partnership ventures, but ultimately you will be able to resolve the issues if you maintain your cool. 

If you need the support of others, request that politely without trying to push them too hard with emotional appeals.  Politicians of this sign have a tough year ahead of them while those in service will do relatively better.  Those in show-biz will find it difficult to capture the fancy of the audience.

Romantic possibilities, social relationships

Relationships can come under strain this year.  Avoid unnecessary arguments with loves ones as even minor arguments may snow-ball into major egoistic clashes leading to further escalation of differences.  Single natives of this sign may find it hard to get a good match as per their expectations.  Take care of your personal safety and your belongings during travels.


Emotional factors may wreck havoc on your health.  Health of other close-relatives – especially parents and spouse, may also cause concern. Wearisome travels may sap your vitality and may leave you vulnerable to infections.  Respiratory distress/ allergies, gluttony, and gout may trouble you this year.  The positive side is that though you are prone to bouts of ill-health, recovery will also be remarkably fast.

Important periods in the year 2009
  • Best periods for travel : February, March, June, July, September.
  • Best periods for Romance, family matters: May, June, July, September.
  • Best periods for new ventures : Mid-June to Mid-September, November.