Venus conjunct Chiron

Heal the earth, heal thy self, and heal all others in the Universe. This is our joint message to you, you who seek the answers of a planetary and universal nature.

It all begins with you, the individual. Tune your spirit and your soul into the vibrational frequencies of the Earth, Chiron, and Venus. It is here where you will find a symbolic planetary alignment, and it is here where you should start the path to self-healing, planetary healing, and universal healing. You cannot forsake one for another, nor focus on one because the other seems impertinent, irrelevant, or incongruent.

So now that you understand the relationship between the Earth, Chiron, and Venus, see them for what they are at their simplest denominative character‹that being, they are all equal. Even though one of them outsizes, outweighs, or outmasses the other two, they are equally important.

I (collectively we are one) give you the example of how your globally-based world is set up. No one country can sustain all of its people forever without the help and assistance of another. You can try, and plead your case with the native tribal elders, but they will tell you your efforts will come up with severe shortages. The Earth’s resources are for you to accept with gratitude and thanks, pass on what you do not need, and utilize what you do have for the greater good.

This example represents the Neptunian aspect of your true self‹the idealistic part of you and the true giver within you. Venus will allow you to strip your own illusions and fantasies away so that you can discover your true self. If you don’t do it by your own free will, you will be a subject to your own free-wheeling lessons and will be mired in confusion, suspicion, and desperation. What world of your self do you want to live in?

Conversely, Chiron, due to its elongated and incongruent orbital pattern will either square or merge with your inner being, dependent upon its placement in your chart. Remember this, though a planet or planetoid may sit on top of your house, you are ultimately responsible for your house of being, stature, and the true essence of who you are. It is far too easy to perceive of or blame an outside influence on the present, past, or future state of your life.

Ultimately, you are responsible for your life. This is not to say that planetary influences and their gravitational pulls have no effect on your life. The opposite is true. However, weaved throughout all of this is a reason and higher purpose for your life, the Earth, and the Universe.

If Chiron is the wound opener as well as the healer, then Venus can help elevate your consciousness, the Earth’s consciousness, and the universal consciousness to a much higher level.

Both Chiron and Venus are working in conjunction with the Earth, just as we (Running Bear and Shamani, as spirit guides) are communicating through the earth-based being, Alan. Do you see how one is dependent upon the other and how each is connected by a thin invisible thread?

So you ask, how will Chiron and Venus act together, in conjunction with the Earth, until  March 2024? The answer is simple. This is a unique time in Earth’s history as far as humans are concerned. As you have seen over the past several years, the Earth mother is crying out due to the wounds and fractures thrust upon her. The collective actions of all those living, as well as those who have passed, have borne the responsibility to heal what has been wounded. If Chiron is the planetary healer, then Venus can reinforce the idealistic and sometimes illusionary and evasive answer to the problem.

If a majority of you, the earth-based spirit beings, can work together in unity, like the planets and planetoids do, regardless of wealth, status, physical appearance, disagreements, weight, mass, or outward appearance, then you can heal your own wounds, the wounds of the Earth, and the wounds of the Universe.

If you choose to heal your own wounds first, you will set into motion a domino-type effect that will reverberate across and rejuvenate the universe. Think of this as an opportunity to kick-start your life, thereby healing and dealing with the pains and wounds of the past.

I invite you to help others discover their personal wounds, if only even saying you acknowledge their pain. Idealism and healing go hand in hand. For when one puts the power of healing in another person’s hands, you are relinquishing your own power. Believe in your self, your goals, and your ideals. Best wishes for a successful journey.

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