Capricorn Rising : All about those with the ascendant in Capricorn

The sign of Capricorn begins with the longest night and the shortest day of the year and usually in the middle of winter. Therefore, those born with the ascendant in Capricorn, will be distinct, no matter what season they were born, through a certain cold. It is not expected to emit heat or tenderness, it conserves and delivers its energy very well, focusing on the most important issues.

I come to the world with a certain weakness and with the aim of confrontations, which will strengthen them. At the same time, they receive an inner support, which encourages them to climb the mountains, to conquer the highest peaks.

How Capricorn Rising Affects the Zodiac Signs

Children born in Capricorn rising sign quickly become independent and do everything possible on their own. As a child, they are very careful about how things work and what parents do to use them (remote control button, bathroom faucet, how to use a knife and fork, etc.), quickly learning to use them alone, so so that it does not depend on others. These children, we can say that they start in life very early and they learn quickly, although they evolve slowly, and the real achievements will only be seen in the second half of life.

They receive an extra share of independence, ambition and stubbornness to succeed in life, saying, “I can do it myself!” The puberty of those born with the ascendant in Capricorn has as its central theme its own person and how it could evolve so that it can then light, from above and the path of others. It is a difficult period, but once passed, the education and the satisfaction come by itself.

Those born in Capricorn rising sign start from the bottom work, quickly learn and climb the social ladder, so they manage to do everything themselves: they do not need a secretary or other help. That is why it is somewhat difficult for them to work in a team, otherwise than in the position of manager. The order and discipline characterize them and help them concentrate their energy on the desired goals, without wasting it in vain. Once they reach the top they are true guides to the others, showing them from their science, what is the order of things and what path each should follow.

In love, these people are very open, showing calm and quiet what they do and what they think. They take the relationship very seriously and they will never choose their partners to boast or talk about “the night spent together”. Although they are emotional and embarrassing at first, once they reach the bedroom and feel confident about them, they are unstoppable: they “climb the mountains” with an unstoppable force, they are powerful, they emanate strength and protection, they advance without retention and the conquest of a fish are not far enough and they want more and more.

After the difficult and difficult road from the first part of life, sprinkled with many trials and difficulties, the satisfactions begin to appear, especially in the second part of the life, when they will relax a little and will reap the fruits of their work, sharing the others from the accumulated experience.