How much do men want to get married, depending on the sign

Fears of the opposite sex about marriage are the order of the day. If you want to know what thoughts your boyfriend has about marriage, you can be guided by the characteristics of the astrological sign under whose influence he is.

So, here’s how much men want to get married, depending on their zodiac sign, and at what age they are ready to take this step!
He wants to marry you or not: the clues of the stars


The man born in this sign is not willing to get married too soon. He shows stubbornness and impulsiveness, so he will not easily find a partner who will accept him as he is, especially since he does not have “skills” as a husband. it will be thought appropriate to make this decision as well, but not earlier than 28 years.


It can be said that the Taurus man is the native who wants most of the zodiac to get married. The idea of ​​starting a family has been smiling on him since he was 20, so he always seems to be looking for the woman to complete it.

Even if he is in a hurry to get married as a child, it does not mean that he will be willing to marry anyone. On the contrary, his partner will be subjected to several tests, including cooking.


Gemini men want to get married, but they don’t take such a commitment too seriously, at least not before they are 30 years old. Their partner will have many discussions about marriage.

Although they will give him the impression that they agree with this step, they will still postpone it as long as they can. Only a threat of separation could make them make this decision faster.


The native of this sign is determined when it comes to marriage. He does not dwell on thoughts, does not keep his partner in chess and does not need to be pushed from behind to take this step.

His only wish is to meet a woman who is as sensitive as he is. But even if he does not meet her, it does not mean that he will give up the idea of ​​marriage, but will go ahead with the plans. For him it is much more important to feel fulfilled in the personal chapter.


The representative of this zodiac sign may not be in a hurry to get married, but he does not say that he does not want to take this step. However, his partner will have to be patient with him because he is not one of those men who ask for a woman in marriage after only a few months of relationship. On the contrary, he will think of getting married after feeling completely ready.


If your boyfriend is born in this sign, you do not have to worry too much about his intentions. She may not want to get married until she is 25, but she will definitely consider this step after that.

He really wants to start a family, but at the same time, he wants to be sure that he is financially stable. He doesn’t want to move on until he knows for sure that he can support his family.


It does not give you too many illusions if you are involved in a relationship with a native. He does not even dream of marriage, but wants to have as much free time as possible.

Of course, it does not exclude this part of life, but it will take it more seriously after 35-40 years. Don’t even think about imposing this step on him because you will take him away from you over time, and the relationship can even deteriorate. He will begin to see you as an enemy that spoils his harmony.


Even Scorpio men are not in such a hurry to say “Yes!” In front of the marital officer. otherwise they are in love, otherwise they will not take this step too soon, especially since their eyes are always on other women.


Marriage is not a priority for these natives, but after they reach a certain age, they begin to realize that it is a natural stage of life. Also, they can’t stand others being fulfilled in life and they can’t, so they will get married just so they don’t stay alone most of the time. A woman who wants to be asked by her wife must not give her boyfriend the impression that he will ruin her freedom.


Capricorn men want to get married from the age of 20, but they will not take this step until they meet a woman they are proud of. Family is important to them, so they will make this decision after they are sure of their feelings, but also of their partner’s. When they fall madly in love, they will ignore nothing.


It is not easy to be involved in a relationship with a representative of this sign, especially if you want to get married and he does not. Given that he is still dependent on his mother, he has no illusions that he will soon start thinking about marriage. He does not rule out the idea, but postpones it after the age of 40, during which time he wants to be a child.


As soon as he meets a woman who offers him emotional stability, the Pisces man will no longer be thinking but will ask her for a wife. He will not care what the world says, or the possible differences that could be between him and his partner.

All he will want is to hold her close to his soul for life. But even if he doesn’t meet the woman he dreams of, he will still want to get married.

Do you think that men’s desire to get married is really related to their sign? Do you have such problems with your partner?

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