Moon in Aries

With its assertive character, the sign of Aries knows how to move forward. Operating on instinct, it can be unpredictable. On the other hand, he likes to analyze situations and rarely makes mistakes.

He criticizes at the appropriate time and chooses the people with whom he likes to surround himself. He also knows how to forgive and move on easily.

His impulsiveness can sometimes catch up with him. Acting or speaking often a little quickly, he sometimes regrets his actions. In particular, he can get angry easily or he does not hesitate to defend a person if he finds this legitimate.

It is sometimes without hindsight that the lunar Aries acts. His mood swings are guided by his first feelings. People born under the sign of Aries influenced by the Moon directly follow their feelings. They guide them on a daily basis.

Lunar Aries has a great need for freedom, a great thirst for independence. The sign does not like to feel trapped and needs to evolve freely.

It is towards a certain freedom that its natives turn in all circumstances: in the home, at work, in love … This freedom translates into an assumed

independence. For this, the natives need to be well surrounded. They never tire of undertaking and setting out on new projects. They keep a dynamism to any tests. On a daily basis, they always have lots of ideas, but they don’t necessarily come to fruition.

For lack of time or patience, however, they miss some great opportunities.

Lunar Aries is generally a cheerful and pleasant person. His way of life is much appreciated. Indeed, he knows how to take advantage of every moment to make them thrilling adventures. Its dynamism is easily communicated. With him, the routine does not really exist and the ups and downs multiply. Thanks to his discoveries and his relationships, the Aries is not afraid of the unknown. Getting into complicated situations doesn’t scare him. With his thirst for adventure, risk taking is not an obstacle for him. It is by trying to make and live the elements on a daily basis that the lunar Aries advances. He then understands things better. He uses his experience to get more out of life. And besides, the unknown is not an obstacle to its development. He saw each novelty and each difficulty as new steps to be taken.

If he easily tries new things, the Moon-influenced Aries can also set limits. When taking risks is too important to him, he does not commit. He knows how to remain reasonable. When he realizes an error or knows that he has gone too far, Aries can say stop. He then easily moved on to something else and did not see the stop as a failure.


He likes to be sincere in his feelings. If the lunar Aries expresses his thoughts, he really thinks them. He remains honest and is not one to multiply flatteries to achieve his ends. He communicates a lot and does it wisely. In love, Aries remains attracted to erotic games. His naughty desires soothe the balance of power in the couple.
The lunar Aries must try to take into account the opinion of his partner to create a more fusional bond. In particular, he must forget the balance of power to build a lasting relationship. The natives of Lunar Aries are inventive and create libertine romantic relationships. You don’t get bored with them.

At work

It is with a great sense of responsibility that Aries expresses himself at work. This moon sign likes responsibilities and having decisions to make. He moves forward with confidence and his serenity is much appreciated in the professional world. He likes to manage a team. He is a real driving force at work and knows how to motivate his colleagues. His good humor is communicative, facilitating group work. He was attracted to jobs, leaving him great freedom and great possibilities for development.

Moon in Aries if you are a woman

It is necessary to gain confidence to assert yourself. The Aries woman, influenced by the Moon, sometimes tends to go towards manhood. But their energy and their will remain highly valued elements of their personality. It is always with an open mind that they let themselves be guided in their daily life.

Moon in Aries if you are a man

You live life in a passionate way. Your emotions and feelings often take precedence over the way you are and behave. Try to better control your emotions to soothe your dull days. And in love, you like to find dynamic and sparkling companions. Your other half must carry you to the top and keep a foolproof optimism.

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