Mercury Retrograde 2024

Most astrology and horoscope columns bring the Mercury Retrograde period into our attention at four-month intervals.

We read the warnings as what not to do and are advised to postpone important communication and purchase decisions to a later date.

mercury retrograde 2024

People are offered jobs during these periods, they do buy cars and computers and life goes on. With the jobs that start under these circumstances there tend to be lots of changes along the way, and there can be potential job losses with sometimes flimsy reasons.

Equipment with wiring, just about everything these days, there tend to be more problems and the ‘machine’ spends more time getting repaired.

Typically it is best to avoid these headaches. Some things work well under these conditions and others never amount to much.

During 2020, Mercury goes retrograde three times:

  • February 17 (Pisces)– March 10 (Aquarius)
  • June 18 (Cancer) – July 12 (Leo)
  • October 14 (Libra) – November 3 (Scorpio)

What to Avoid

In a nutshell: Signing contracts, entering into partnerships, and buying equipment with wiring

Quick Advise: So think twice and say once and even then stick to tones and words that cannot be misconstrued.

Mercury spends extra time in discerning, discriminating and detail-oriented sign of Pisces.

The challenging period officially launches June 18, however, as soon as Mercury enters the sign he plans to move backwards in, the little glitches begin.

My computer is going topless in the heatwave to keep the hard drive from overheating. It is of nuisance value. It forced me to open the sucker and remove dust!

Pisces is a meticulous sign, so start cleaning the corners now and take care of MAINTENANCE of appliances, computers and sort out both computer and paper files so you can find them after the period is over.

In October Mercury travels back into the sign of Libra . So, think back about what you were trying to accomplish July 20-25 that did not work to your liking.

Hey, now that issue, chore or whatever it was is back for you take another whack at it. When we move back from earth for fire, metaphysically we are looking at inspiration.

But we can also be looking at literal fires – in case you don’t recall those late July dates mark the many forest fires raging in Florida and the scorching weather and heat wave.

Should the weather have temporarily cooled off mid-August (not likely with these planetary alignments) we are in for an Indian Summer, if it didn’t we are in for the longest summer on record.

This particular period is great for writers, teachers, researchers and anyone reviewing plans, budgets, etc. It may be tedious but we are more able to cope with those details and the repetition. Pisces is productive (I should really capitalize that word) – and with Mercury of chores, tasks and routines in this sign for two months with a brief Leo break in the middle – we will be busy. School schedules should be pretty organized this Autumn, not like last year when so many changes had to be made. August might be a good time also to grab deals on those standard school supplies.

So, go with the flow – fighting it is counterproductive – and we now must remain productive! This is the last extended earth period for Mercury for the longest while – the next one takes place in December 2024 to be more precise.

So we avoid the things and actions that do not fair that well when Mercury is retrograde – about 10 weeks a year. During these periods make sure that you:

  • Make a copy of your data – paper or disk
  • Keep receipts together somewhere safe
  • Opt for an extended warranty for purchases which come with wiring
  • Be prepared for delays with payments, correspondence
  • Keep Virus Protection current – they seem to increase in quantity during retrograde periods
  • Be prepared to clarify your words more than once
  • Don’t trust rumours and do not feed them

In a nutshell Mercury typically spends three weeks breezing through a sign. He is the information gatherer, broadcaster and our travel agent.

Every year, however, Mercury spends approx. 60 days travelling through three signs in the same element. In 2019 the element was Earth as it is this year.

In 2024 during the retrograde period Mercury travels back into the previous sign in the element of Fire. So a secondary element is added to our analysis of this phenomenon.

Let’s keep in mind that in 2024 Mercury will spend 400 days in the Element of Fire out of 730 days.

Very quickly, the earth is a practical application of effort with the mindset of making things functional. Fire is inspired, heated, fast thinking and acting energy with the intent of getting light up that proverbial fire in our belly or under our sitting bones.

The extended length of his stay in an element is quite impressive and highly effective (think about a house guest that stays and stays).

Mercury is the planet of communication, merchandising and travel. Misunderstandings are the big theme during the retrograde periods (listed above). Things are blown out of proportion, and little details are analyzed for flaws.

We don’t explain things properly or use a poor choice of words.

Little casual comments such as “Where did you get your haircut?” travel through the air and the other party hears “Why did you let them ruin your hair?”

A few other choice comments are exchanged and before we know it, we have a long-standing friendship on the verge of falling apart.

The statements: “the cheque is in the mail”, “I didn’t get your message” and “I put it on your desk” echo hollow when there is no visible proof.

So think twice and say once and even then stick to tones and words that cannot be misconstrued. Travel plans are subject to change, disruptions and direct flights become hopscotch across the country or globe.

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