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Feng shui 2024 – avoid these mistakes in the Year of the Tigre

Among hundreds of bedrooms that we saw (as a consultant Feng Shui), only on a small part of them we could say that they had to start feng shui well done, with an energy flux intense and balanced in where moments of relaxation and rest can be in perfect harmony with love and sexual energy .

I do not know why, but most often bedroom tends to be one of the abandoned rooms and lack of interest in the house, while in fact the bedroom is the most important room in the house , “Feng Shui -ist” speaking.

To understand what are the main factors that cause Sha Qi – negative energy – in the bedroom, described in a 2024 brief guide to Feng Shui few statements that I hope they never apply to your bedroom.

Desk in bedroom

In the year 2024, do not install office bedroom. The more so as it is full of files, paper, post-it notes, pens, unpaid bills … If there have and electronics, an older computer that fails, then this is the ideal scenario for the worst Feng Shui. 😊 do not be surprised that you do not rest at night or that you have a headache ..

The exercise equipment in the bedroom

Never install exercise equipment in the bedroom!

A treadmill in your bedroom will make energy from bedroom to be too strong, too Yang, which is entirely inconsistent with the real aim of the bedroom: peace, relaxation, energy Yin.

What chapter will suffer? Definitely will affect the ability of regeneration during sleep, but will put a mark on your life sexual, intimate – that energy pleasant and sensual in your bedroom will be “sublime, but no completely” .

The gym equipment is bulky and difficult – so much the worse for you, especially if covered with dust because you’re on (almost) never.

Bed with headboard facing the window

No never direct the bed in your bedroom with a headboard to the window!

Head of the bed should be against a wall Yin type, but with the window wall is a wall-mounted Yang.

This position will be created for those who sleep there, constant restlessness during sleep, restless sleep, poor quality, full of dreams and thoughts (black most of the time), lacking inner peace, wellbeing you you when your back is provided so you can rest without care.

V mirrors placed in the bedroom

Please, in 2024, don’t install TV and large mirrors in the bedroom!

Energy bedroom is better to be kind Yin, calm, feminine intimate.

But frequent place where family chose to place the TV is even bedroom. The situation becomes more negative as the television set has a large diagonal and is placed close to the bed.

How do you think will be your sleep if you watch the news at night or watching movies (maybe horror …) in the bedroom?

Do you think you’ll sleep well? 😊 how you feel the next day if you sleep with the TV turned on and it will go all night, making a permanent noise … mmm? What do you think? Nor should know Feng Shui to realize it’s not too healthy choice.

In addition, the screen even when not working, has a mirror-like surface.

Here now the truth : in Feng Shui, in terms of energy, there is no problem if you have a mirror in front of the bed or any reflective surface!

But psychologically, it can become a real challenge to sleep there because the reflective surface will capture and reflect light, allowing light to disturb your sleep. For this reason, it is desirable not you place your bed so.

But in itself, the mirror does not cause any disturbance feng shui energy type , either in the relationship with the partner nor unlucky.

Of course, the same recommendation applies for placement of mirrors in the bedroom.

The bedroom is in the attic and the roof is tilted

The feng shui 2024 forecast indicates to avoid sloping ceilings in the bedroom!

Sloping ceiling bedroom results in significant imbalance of Qi, and this makes those who sleep in that room have a restless sleep and anxious . Especially if that room usually sleep children , usually they will tend to be rebels or anxious .

Sure there are solutions to this situation. The best of them would be to point the ceiling if possible and everything will work out. 😊 However, if this is not possible, move the bed so as to sleep at the top of the ceiling and not to the lower end thereof. But this is only a partial solution …

The positioning of the bed to an unfavorable direction

Do not you ever bed in the bedroom headboard oriented toward a corner of the room!

Of course that is best for each person to sleep in a bed facing one of his personal favorable directions (you can find your personal favorable directions from your personal map Bazile – unless you know how, contact a consultant).

But often we find such a direction that makes positioning the bed with headboard from headboard to a corner of the bedroom!

So although you get favorable landing on your direction, you suddenly exposed to Sha Qi – negative energy, which is heading directly at your head!

Remember, regardless of direction, always choose the place that best bed so headboard is against a wall and should by no means be directed to a corner of the room, you expose permanently Sha Qi.

The beams of the bed

Do not you ever bed in the bedroom as a beam on the ceiling!

Obviously you can not build a house without pillars and with beams! But what you should know and what to consider when you build or buy a house or apartment is to do so that the beams are not visible and ndiferent if wooden or concrete!

Apparent pillars are potential generators of Sha Qi – energy “bad” and exposed beams (which are visible on the ceiling) affects Qi bedroom and make him become suppressed.

A beam will effectively force Qi to move to the lower chamber.

As a result, the person will sleep under a beam visible (again – all buildings have beams, but some not seen) will have serious disturbances of sleep , leading thus to a situation where performance at work is low below average, but will cause a multitude of other problems for the person sleeping in bed under the beam or beams, if there are more.

Health problems related to work are those that will affect the very person sleeping in that bed.

Bed directly facing the door 

Do you never targeted bed so you sleep, your feet directly pointed at the bedroom door!

Keep in mind the following recommendation farm: bed in the bedroom should not be pointed directly at the bedroom door , down the door. In tradition, this position has a name not very pleasant and said that the person who sleeps there, sleeping in “coffin position”.

Of course it is only a phrase used in the past, because in reality, does not sleep in a coffin.

But the position of the bed is really bad “Feng Shui -ist” talking, but it has nothing to do yet with coffins.

This position makes the bed when entering the bedroom door Qi “hit ” straight to bed and thus the person sleeping there, the consequences are significant disturbances of sleep, with many interruptions. And lack of rest has many other implications that come cascading one after another.

This applies to any bedroom doors , such as the toilet door (if the bedroom is one double). WC is an area of the house “famous” for its negative energies. In addition, there are odors, moisture and bacteria that can affect not only your sleep but also health.

The solution ? It is simple: move your bed so you do not sleep in the doorway of the bedroom or bathroom. Or if space permits, as an alternative, try placing a screen between the bed and the door.

I hope you enjoyed reading this 2024 Feng Shui Guide.

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