Men prefer blondes – myth or reality?

I do not know who invented it, or gentlemen, or blonde, but very, very long time there is a myth – Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. It was invented so long ago that have since died out almost all the gentlemen, but the blondes were and continue to assert that their blond hair maddening if not gentlemen, just like men.

It is clear that in some distant past some beautiful young lady, and that is important, blonde, turned his head to some noble lord, and perhaps the king himself, and became clear favorite. Naturally, this success has been noticed by other ladies, and they began to imitate the very first lucky. In general, blondes are in vogue.

Since ancient times women are carefully lighten your hair, hoping to attract the attention of gentlemen. The emergence of a movie only reinforced this trend, replicated these gorgeous blondes, incidentally, is not true, as Marilyn Monroe. Learn more about over 50 dating site!

Although the motives of becoming a blonde can be very different, but the hair color and nature of the girls, this is not the same thing.

I just realized that she lighten her hair with highlights, but not to attract attention – I have long been happily married and my gentleman with me. By the way, he claims he did not deceive the color of my hair. And my motivation is simple – it seems to me that the lighter shade of hair to face me more than a natural dark brown. I’m getting younger and nicer. That’s all. Around the same reasons, and lighten some of my friends, they just are that color.

The light tone of hair can really refreshing, easy to attach, and even playfulness, and can slightly reduce the age for many women is very important, as the issue age for them painful, and this simple and affordable way to look just a little younger.

Do not rule out that there are some ladies who still believe that gentlemen prefer blondes, and change the natural color of blonde hair is for these reasons. Their happiness, if the new color they really are, otherwise they can not target to achieve. I met these ladies repainted, whose light tone terribly spoiled. But as they say, hunting Forest captivity. Well, if they have time to rectify the situation, otherwise, the disharmony in the image can lead to sad results.

Surely there is a category of men, which is really crazy about blondes. Or maybe they just lucky to have blonde and they decided that they, and then they need. Others prefer a variety of women. Most men choose a lady of the heart, is focused not on the color of her hair, and the image as a whole. Incidentally, there hair can play a role, not only color but also the length and shape.

Of course, that not only affects the preferences of men. Another important woman’s ability to communicate. Blonde hair create the effect of lightness, playfulness, even frivolity. No wonder that there are so many jokes about it. But this can only be the effect. And here it is easy to be deceived. Some men “sink” for blondes, as they are desirable light, laid-back attitude. And in their opinion is they can get just a frivolous blonde. But the “artificial” blonde is not always set up to ease and playfulness, just as natural.

So we can say that gentlemen prefer blondes, however, as the brown-haired women, and brunettes, and redheads.

The hair color of the beloved woman is still very important for many men. Crystallized by Marilyn Monroe in the movie “Gentlemen Prefers Blondes,” the sexy blonde image still persists. Here are 5 reasons why men prefer blondes as mums and brunettes as wives.

Regardless of whether they are rational or not, men’s preference for hair color partners sometimes lead their decisions in love life. Although what it’s like to be a mistress  doesn’t basically change according to your hair colour, several studies have shown that blondes are more popular than lovers and mistresses than spouses. See the reasons behind the men’s preferences.

Are Sexy Blondes More Sexy?

Hair color plays an important role in choosing a partner, but men have many other criteria. The most popular blondes are lascive, but men’s preference is not only for natural blondes. Several studies have shown that blonde brunette brunettes are for most men as attractive as natural ones.

Seeks a mistress different from his wife

The number of blondes is much smaller than that of brunette, so that most spouses are automatically brunettes. When they deceive their partner, the men are looking for new sensations, and a blonde gives them a change.

Two research in the UK confirmed that blond attraction is actually the attraction of the new. Most men marry a woman who has a different hair color than most of her loved ones. Thus, men who prefer blondes tend to marry a brunette or redhead.

Blonde flirts more

Deserved or not, the blonde’s reputation also includes social elements. Many men think that blondes are flirting more, and choosing a brunette is basically thinking about partner loyalty in the long run.

The blonde’s social personality makes them better loved, and flirting also recommends them as mums, in the eyes of many men.

Can you rely more on brunettes?

Most men who prefer a brunette wife claim that you can rely more on brunettes and that they are more affectionate. The myth of the bad blonde has not died until now, it has only evolved in a vague sensation that the blondes are more aerial and more unerring.

The background to understanding this conclusion is that a sexy blonde will never have trouble finding a new partner. The preference for brunettes might be a subconscious preference for married women in marriage.

Blondes are more publicized

The most important asset of the blondes is the mediatization. Although there are fewer than brunettes, blondes are more present in the media, from press to movies, with the sexy bomb label.

Familiarity with blondes promoted aggressively in public space could make the most contribution to attracting men to them, especially for sexual attraction.

Men’s preference for blondes or brunettes is likely to continue to guide their decisions, even if this criterion used in choosing a wife, mistress or girlfriend is in most cases just a box of paint.

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