Rat Horoscope 2020

The Chinese new year; the year of the Rat, will begin in a few months. This year, the solar and lunar calendars are aligned, one beginning January 24 and the other January 25, 2020. We always open the horoscope with the Rat, the first of 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. By 2020, you had to agree to grow and take on challenges. If you … Continue reading Rat Horoscope 2020

Venus conjunct Chiron

Heal the earth, heal thy self, and heal all others in the Universe. This is our joint message to you, you who seek the answers of a planetary and universal nature. It all begins with you, the individual. Tune your spirit and your soul into the vibrational frequencies of the Earth, Chiron, and Venus. It is here where you will find a symbolic planetary alignment, … Continue reading Venus conjunct Chiron

Steps to growing a green lawn

Grass has been chosen for centuries to create lawns because it is usually appealing, pleasant to walk on, represents the color green for money and is excellent for creating harmony and balance in the garden. It is also a plant most commonly chosen because it is hard wearing and can be cut down repeatedly and continues its lush green vibrant color. In most cases, the … Continue reading Steps to growing a green lawn