Best Exercise Routine

A very important question to ask. The best and most accurate answer is always:-

The exercise routine that you are willing and able to follow at least three times a week for every week of every year.

Exercise Routine Criteria


So lets look at the principles to think about when you compile your ideal workout program.

Start Easy

The most important aspect is that you must always think about your workouts as being easy and fun to do.

It must never be considered as a chore or being too complicated or too time consuming.

This is especially true in the beginning when you start out on your first workout experience or after a long period of inactivity.

Once you get the hang of it and you have worked through the muscle pains and you start to feel the benefits from your workout program in your body, you will naturally want to increase intensity and intervals in order to experience more and more of the benefits.

This is by far the easier way to get into your exercise habit and keep you doing it until it becomes part of your life.

Build Up


Once you have reached the stage where you recover quickly from your exercise routine and don’t experience any more muscle pain it is time to add routines that target more muscle groups and add more repetitions and intensity to your routines.

You will have to spend more time and effort to reach this stage so make sure that you feel motivated enough to take on this extra commitment.

This extra motivation typically comes from the benefits you start to experience from your exercise program like loosing a few pounds already, sleeping better at night, having more energy and getting into that favorite piece of clothing that was too tight to wear in your “old life”. FIRM ABS Sportswear is great for both leisure and working out. The fabric used contains adequate breathing capability to keep the body dry even when working out. 

Think Long Term

It is very easy to get swept away by the powerful sales talk of popular exercise programs and equipment that get advertised in major media outlets and on the internet.

Then to start off with a bang and attack the program with an enthusiasm that over  extends your body in the beginning.

Just to get demotivated by the muscle pains and lack of results in a short time because you have worked so hard and don’t see the results that you expected to come from your super human effort.

Your next decision may then just go along the lines of “This program does not work” or “I am not made for this” or similar justifications to give up and back to your old ways.

Now if you are motivated enough to start with a bang and continue to increase in intensity from there I say bravo and continue but always remember that the biggest benefit by far from any exercise program is and will always be the long term committed effort.

This is always better than the short term intense effort, ending in a feeling of failure disappointment. Focus on how many days you do exercise rather than how many exercises you do per day.

So the best exercise routine is the one that you start to follow, that you enjoy doing, that isn’t a chore and most importantly turns into a habit that later forms part of your lifestyle.

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