What is brazilian hair straightening

Gone are the days of frizzy, dry, unmanageable hair, now you can flaunt your long, straight luminous mane with the help of Brazilian hair straightening.

  During this hair smoothing procedure,  the hair is sealed to preserve the keratin that is added to the hair during the straightening process.  

 Several well-known examples of Brazilian hair straightening are the Brazilian keratin treatment, Brazilian blowout, BKT, keratin cure, escova progressiva,  and keratin straightening.

Brazilian hair straightening has become a popular alternative to traditional hair re-bonding treatment since it gives you better results and lasts several months.

Another highlight of the treatment is that it can be used on chemically treated hair as well as in virgin hair without causing damage.

However, before going for the treatment, it’s important to understand the technique in order to improve your results.

Benefits of Brazilian Hair Straightening

The first and foremost reason Brazilian hair straightening is becoming so popular is that it gives you more natural, and less damaging long-term results than Japanese hair straightening and other re-bonding treatments.

   Brazilian hair straightening will give you semi-permanent results that will last for three to four months, giving you the option of changing your style or look once the results have worn off.

So, if you have curly hair and wish to get your curls back after a few weeks, this hair treatment is for you.

After three to four months you will begin to get the natural hair look back.  Unlike the permanent hair straightening treatments, you will not have to completely regrow your hair to achieve your natural style again. 

Also, Brazilian hair straightening begins smoothing the hair from the roots without making the hair dry or brittle.

Avoiding The Dangers Of Brazilian Hair Straightening

Any type of chemical hair treatment requires extra care during application.   When using Brazilian hair straightening process your hair will be exposed to formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. 

To avoid damaging your hair, you must follow the hair care routine that has been explained by a professional stylist or, even better, have a stylist complete application. 

Having a professional apply the Brazilian hair straightening product will help you avoid making a mistake that can damage your hair.

Once application is complete, you must not wash your hair for at least four days to get the best results. 

Once those days have passed, you must use the shampoo which is sulphate and sodium chloride free in order to maintain your hair. 

Remember, using the wrong products on your straightened hair could strip the moisturizing and smoothing chemicals from the hair follicles.

Brazilian hair straightening comes is a great option for those who want have beautiful, shining, straight hair without damaging the hair follicles.  Providing semi-permanent results, it is recommended to those who want straight hair on a temporary basis. 

Though the application process is not that complicated once it has been explained, always remember to discuss your needs with a professional stylist before trying any Brazilian hair straightening method or product.

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