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Creating sacred space with feng shui

The majority of us in the Western world do not generally create a sense of sacredness within our lives or environments, probably because we are too busy just getting on with life, or we may have forgotten the importance of ritual in our lives.

If, on the other hand, we consider all indigenous people, they automatically create sacredness and ritual with everything they do. For instance, the Japanese gardener will take a considerable amount of time to slowly position a rock, moving it inch by inch until it sits in harmony and balance with its surroundings.

We can utilise this same feeling of ritual or sacredness by using sacred space ceremonies to enhance our environments. Sacred space is simply about creating sacred positive energy within our environments so that our living or working spaces are energised and in harmony while allowing the energy of Feng Shui to flow through our lives as we need it.

The utilisation of sacred space ceremonies work well in conjunction with Feng Shui in that we are clearing out the old, stale energy and allowing new vibrant energy which reflects our internal feelings to enter our lives. You can use space clearing for any of the following instances:

    • Clearing out stale energy and revitalising the environment;
    • Manifesting your needs (not necessarily your ‘wants’ such as Lotto!);
    • When moving environments;
    • Clearing out energy after a sickness or death;
    • Improving situations in life;
    • Re-energising your business.

Space clearing should not be performed if feeling tired, low in energy, fearful, pregnant, menstruating or when there are open cuts or sores. These are times when we are either more internally focused or cleansing ourselves. Also, you should not perform a space clearing for another person unless they specifically ask for it, otherwise you are invading their personal space and boundaries.

Step One

The first step in Feng Shui and space clearing is tidy, tidy, tidy. When our environments are totally clutter free and tidy, the energy is enhanced, which in turn creates more vibrancy for us. If your environment is full of rubbish and clutter the energy is reflective of this crowded environment – slow and sluggish. When tidying before a space clearing, you need to consider every cupboard, under beds, wardrobes, garages and so on. Do not hang onto unloved items as this is restricting your flow of abundance from the universe. Recycle or have a garage sale and let somebody else love the items that have moved out of your energy field.

Step Two

The second step is to decide on an intent for performing your space clearing. For example, are you wanting to create an environment with more energy, vitality and ‘sparkle’, or are you needing to manifest something? When you have decided on your intent, write it down and put it aside until later.

Step Three

The third step is to physically clean the environment on the day of the space clearing. All indigenous cultures do this daily, sweep out the compounds and the houses, takeout the rubbish etc, so that their energy is enhanced continually. Put away all food that is not in sealed or airtight containers. Also physically clean yourself by taking a shower or bath, washing your hair and then dress in totally natural fibres.

Step Four

The fourth step is to open all the doors and windows and turn off all electrical items so that the energy is able to flow freely throughout the environment. It is better to work alone as this is easier on your energy levels but animals can be present if they choose to. When performing your space clearing, remember to take the phone off the hook and allow yourself enough time so that you will not be disturbed.

Step Five

The fifth step is to set up an alter near the entrance plus an offering in the most used rooms, or the rooms that ‘feel’ appropriate to you. The alter can contain candles, flowers, incense, aromatherapy burners as well as at least two bells, one deeper sounding than the other, and a set of harmony balls which have a tinkling sound when shaken, such as the Chinese use for rolling around in the hand to create health. The offerings can be any symbols of abundance and joy to you personally, for instance, flowers, candles etc.

Step Six

The sixth step is to start at the front door and make contact with the house. Do this by placing your hand on the door and announcing your intention for the space clearing. The house is an energy force just the same as, for example, humans, animals or plants, although it vibrates at a much denser rate than humans or animals. Move right around the environment with your hand close to the walls especially in the corners which will move the stale, stuck energy. Wash your hands after you have completed going around your total environment.

Step Seven

Step seven involves clapping in all the corners of the total environment. Begin at the entrance and work your way around each room until you have completed the entire area. Start clapping in each corner with hands above your head and clap down as far as you can. This step will shift any stale energy left and revitalise the feeling within the environment. Once again, wash your hands to rid yourself of any dross or stale energy left on you.

Step Eight

The eighth step involves using the deep sounding bell first. Start at the entrance and ring the bell close to the walls around the total environment. Next use the softer sounding bell and ring it around the total environment again.

Step Nine

Step nine involves shielding your environment with white protective energy. This can be done in many ways, by visualising painting the walls, floors and ceilings with white paint, a clear white light encasing all rooms, or even a waterfall cascading over the walls, the floor and the ceiling. Do whatever ‘feels’ right for you and your environment.

Step Ten

Lastly, speak your intention, which you decided upon before starting your space clearing, into the harmony balls and then sprinkle this around your environment. Once again, start at the entrance and slowly sprinkle the intention around each room until you have completed the entire environment.

Your space clearing is now complete and your environment will feel clear, fresh and vibrant, ready for your Feng Shui enhancements. Please remember though that space clearing is about creating vital energy which provides us with what we ‘need’ for learning in life and not so much about what we ‘want’ in life.

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