10 Tips on How to Determine How Intelligent You Really Are

People often like to discuss their intelligence and endless possibilities with their friends and other people surrounding them. The truth is, we humans love to compete and fight over being the best at something. So, do you want to be the smartest person in your group? If so, you will appreciate this article since we will help you understand some core values and ways on how you can determine your intelligence. Keep on reading and see for yourself.

Top 10 ways to determine how intelligent you are

1. You like to create


Did you know that creativity is a definitive sign of intelligence because it requires thinking flexibly/outside the box? Creative people like to make an impact on their surroundings, and they are always busy with a project of some sort. Intelligence intertwines with creativity since it allows you to change your thinking patterns. If you like to color, create or draw just know that all of this could be indicators of a creative and intelligent person. On the other hand, maybe your observations show up in your creative work. These are elements of spatial-visual intelligence.

2. Naturally curious

If you love to learn, the more you’ll learn and the smarter you’ll get. People often perceive themselves differently, and everyone is an individual for themselves. The truth is, you want to learn more, and being more open-minded or creative lets you soak in all the information that surrounds you. If you are open to new ideas and you are curious + tolerant, all of this will lead to a sophisticated thinking style.

3. Smart people have high self-control


Self-control comes in a lot of different shapes. For some people, it is all about staying away from junk food. For others, it is about working out regularly, and for some, it’s about quitting cigarettes. Some people like to exercise self-control by talking to themselves out loud or by writing a journal for self-motivation. If you are naturally careful, well-thought-out and someone who likes to plan in advance, chances are you have a higher IQ.

4. You like to be on your own

If you like your own company and aren’t constantly in need of being around others, that’s a sign of intelligence. In fact, you probably don’t feel lonely, and you like to enjoy your free time by reading, listening to a podcast, or studying, right? Have you ever wondered why it is like that? Well, the more time you spend socializing, the less time you have for introspective thinking and pursuing your own interests and projects.

5. Funny people are intelligent


Although it may sound weird this is the truth. Do you remember seeing any professional comedian stubble his words? They don’t have stage fright and they are often intrigued by other people, constantly soaking in all the information on them, their character, and their way of living. Professional comedians often have better and higher verbal intelligence. If you are a witty person with a tone of comebacks, chances are you are intelligent.

6. You need convincing about your IQ

Psychologists discovered that people who are less competent or bright consistently overestimate their mental abilities while intelligent people are far more aware of their limitations. This is why they are constantly questioning themselves and pushing their boundaries to the next level. Also, knowing your limitations means you’re more likely to surround yourself with people to offset your limitations. If you are always in the mood for a good debate, lengthy book, or a podcast or two, congrats, you are constantly upgrading!

7. Strong sense of self


Knowing what you need from your interactions is just one part of self-awareness. Intelligent people are always thinking about their personal gain and are wondering what they can get out of a new interaction or even emotion that they are feeling. They are always wondering what this might teach them. This is why it is crucial that you are in tune with yourself and your emotions, as well as that you’re aware of your flaws. Intelligent people are secure with themselves, they know what their skills are and can express their honest true face without worrying about certain boundaries.

8. You worry a lot

If you worry about a lot of big and small things it may be because you don’t want others to feel unpleasant or yourself to feel lost. Those with higher IQ often worry that something might go wrong at any given moment, which is why they like to be prepared. Intelligent people might spend more time worrying because they have extensive knowledge of potential threats and want to prepare for every possibility. This is where brainstorming ideas will come to play, trying to solve any concern in the shortest time possible.

9. Managing emotions


Everyone deals with painful or unwanted emotions from time to time. However, the way you act upon them will tell a lot about you and your IQ. If you can recognize complex emotions and understand why certain patterns have led to something happening to you, you are more than likely good at telling healthy emotions from bad ones. Also, you will probably learn something from this situation, making it a lesson for life. If you exercise self-control to express feelings at appropriate times, you are far more intelligent than others may think.

10. You can pass this test

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