How To Prepare Your Ford Bronco For An Off-Road Trip


An off-road trip is quite different from a regular road trip that you take on a city road. In an off-roading trip, a car has to run on unmetalled or unpaved surfaces, and hence the wheel has to keep running in sand, mud, dust, over boulders, etc. Thus, this experience is quite harsh for the vehicle, and even if you have the best SUV, you have to customize it and get it ready for an off-roading trip.

If you have a Ford Bronco, then it is time to go to Texas complete bronco to get axles, lift kits, and body protectors to prepare your vehicle for a rough trip.

6 Steps That You Should Take To Prepare Your Vehicle For A Rough Trip

Working On The Tires


The tires of the vehicle face the maximum brunt when the vehicle has to run on a rough road. Hence you have to really work hard on your tires if you want your trip to be smooth.

The tires should have a good grip. The grooves on the tire determine how strong the grip is, and if you think it is necessary, then you can invest in high profile tires. These wheels not only increase the ground clearance but also provide extra cushioning to the car.

Alternatively, you can go for dual-purpose tires. In such cases, the threading pattern on the wheel is such that it provides more traction and higher stability on the road. All these modifications will make sure that your vehicle can run without slipping, even on the most slippery surface, like snow.

Apart from this, you also need to release some pressure from the wheels. The logic behind this is that when the wheel is completely inflated with air, then the tangential surface that is in contact with the ground is quite less. In contrast to this, when the wheel is slightly deflated, the tangential surface that is in contact with the ground surface increases, and this improves the frictional force that acts between the ground and the wheel. The higher the frictional force, the lesser the chances of slipping and skidding.

However, adjusting the air pressure in the wheel can be quite tricky because if they are deflated a bit too much, then there are chances that the wheel can come out of the axle.

Get The GPS And The Maps Right

After the wheels of the vehicle, the next important thing that you should pay attention to is the GPS system of your car. The GPS system should be up to date, and it is a good idea to integrate it with a map application on your mobile phone.

When you go on an off-roading trip, chances are high that you might have to travel on roads that can be difficult to navigate. Hence, being ready with a GPS tracker and maps will make sure that you do not get lost and waste your time and resources.

Know How To Use The Traction Control Of The Car


Most vehicles these days come with a traction control mechanism. This mechanism senses a loss of traction and automatically tries to stop the car when there is a loss of traction. This feature might be of great use if you are driving on a regular road, but when you intend to go off-roading, then you must not use that traction control system. So your Ford Bronco should come with a traction control switch off mechanism.

It is important to switch off the traction control system because when your car gets stuck in the mud, then the easiest way to free the tire is to rapidly spin the tire so that the mud flies off. However, if the traction control system of the vehicle is switched on, then the wheels will not spin effectively despite putting in their best efforts.

Thus, under ordinary circumstances, the traction control system can be a great resource, but when you are traveling on rough roads that are filled with mud, then the ability to stop traction control is a great advantage.

Protect The Underparts Of The Vehicle


The underparts of the car have to face the maximum brunt when a person undertakes an off-roading trip. So it is vital to customize the frame of the underbody to make it more tough and durable. If the underframe of your car is protected, then you will not have to worry a lot about damages while crossing a river or driving over rocky terrain.

Get Extra Lights

You might not prefer driving in the dark, but when you embark on an off-roading trip, then you might have to travel in the dark, and that too in inhospitable terrain. For such emergency situations, you should get additional lights in your car. The regular headlights and backlight may not be enough to see the road ahead or make your car visible to other travelers. Hence, it is a good idea to get extra lights fitted onto your car before starting out the journey.

Have The Emergency Kit Ready

When you are going for an off-roading trip, chances are high that your car will get stuck in the mud or that your tires will get punctured. So you should be ready with your emergency repair kit, which will have wrenches, ropes, hooks, etc., to take your vehicle out of the mud and fix the wheels.


An off-roading trip is always fun, especially for those drivers who love thrill and adventure. However, it is vital that your car is ready for the adventurous roads before embarking on a difficult journey. So you have to pay special attention to the tires and make adjustments like deflating them adequately to make sure that they have the right grip.

Likewise, you will have to work on the GPS system, the lights, the traction control system, the tool kit, and on strengthening the underbody frame of the car to have a fun and safe trip.

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