How long does it take to get ripped?

In this article I will present you a concrete method to burn as much fat as possible within 24 days and define your abdomen and “6 pack”.

Since the beginning of this site I have drawn attention to the fact that wonderful diets do NOT work. And that’s 100% true. Starvation, restrictive diets (such as cabbage soup diet), pills, fruits (for example, acai fruits) and herbal combinations that you find on the internet simply CANNOT bring you more than just success. illusory and temporary. They do NOT have to offer you a lasting solution and they do NOT have to bring you a really attractive body.

But as a reader of this site I suspect you already know this. So let’s see what you can do – how you can burn as much fat in a short time, but in a maintainable way that will bring you a body as attractive – one with toned and defined muscles and, why no, the squares are visible.

How much fat you can have to get ripped?

To figure out how close you are to the 6 visible squares, you should first know how much body fat you have.

And here I do not mean how many kilos you have, nor the value that certain electronic scales know how to calculate by impedance, because they use other formulas.

The easiest way to estimate how much body fat you have is to compare the way you look with the pictures in the Body Fat Percentage in Images presentation.

For women, a value of 16-19% is good enough to see the defining lines, and for men, a percentage between 10-14% is needed to see more or less the 6 squares.

Obviously the exact value depends on the man – more precisely on the places where you tend to keep more fat compared to the places where you burn them first, and on the size of the abdominal muscle.

Professional bodybuilders reach 6-8% during the contest, but these are not values that cannot be maintained, or are not worth the effort to be kept longer.

Therefore, if you are a guy who wants an impressive 6-pack, my recommendation is to aim for a value between 10 and 14 percent. The closer to 10 the better.

What does this mean in kilograms?

For example, a 90kg man with a 20% body fat percentage will need to reduce at least 6 percent to reach the range of 10-14. Because his body weight is currently 90 kg, after a simple mathematical calculation it is clear that he should burn at least 5.4 kg of fat (6% of 90).

In the same vein, a slightly taller man, 82 kg with 17% body fat, will have to reduce 2.5 kg to reach the flat abdomen, and if he wants your quads to look as spectacular, he will should reduce up to 5.7 kg of fat.

How fast you can burn fat and relieve your abdomen

Now that you’ve figured out how much fat you need to get rid of to get a flat tummy with visible squares, the question that remains is: How fast can you get rid of it? and how?

If you ask any connoisseur in the field, any nutritionist or fitness trainer who doesn’t try to sell you who-knows-what magic pill, the answer you will receive will most likely be: To shed extra pounds as much as possible healthy and maintainable, you will lose up to 500 grams per week.

This is the standard answer. And it’s a very good one. It is excellent for people who have a bunch of kilograms to put down and have so far been seduced by the marketing tricks and the vivid promises of the various weight loss pills on the market.

One way to interpret this recommendation is that if you look at the scales and have dropped more than 0.5 kg in the last week, then you have probably lost muscle. And this is serious. Even if you are not a guy who has worked hard for several hundred grams of muscle, losing muscle mass leads to slower metabolism and is a clear indicator of unmanageable weight loss.

But that’s just a way of interpreting. One too generic to be true in all cases.

The problem is that the 0.5 kg per week is a guiding measure offered both to women who have over 20 kg of weight to drop, and to men who want to get rid of the last 3 kg standing in the path of visible squares. Both people who work to maintain muscle mass while burning fat, and those who rely on a magic pill or a restricted diet to shed as much weight as possible. Both people willing to make only a few small nutritional changes while still watching TV after 8 hours on the seat at work, and those willing to train intensely 5 days a week to get rid of fat.

And this generalization is totally wrong and misleads a lot of people – especially those who are really struggling to get a body as attractive as possible.

In other words, if you are a motivated person who trains intensely and intelligently to obtain a flat abdomen with visible squares, this rule does NOT apply to you.

In fact, you could burn two, three – if not even 4 times as much fat in the same amount of time, without sacrificing your muscle mass or health.

How to burn a lot of fat, keep muscle mass and get ripped in 24 days

The only ways to burn a significant amount of body fat while maintaining or even developing a little muscle mass require a combination of smart and effective workouts.

It is absolutely impossible to create a flat abdomen in such a short time only by eating or going to aerobics classes.

In the last two articles I have presented some simple methods, to take your current training to the next level and to burn more fat in the same time interval.

All these tips and methods will get you out of statistics preached by nutritionists or fitness instructors and valid for the general population, and will help you burn (much) more than 500 grams of fat per week. First of all, you will burn more calories during the actual workout than during any generic workout you find in online calorie computers. And secondly, you will create a metabolic disturbance that will make you burn more calories and fat, up to 36 hours after finishing the workout – even while you sit and watch your favorite show.

And all these by adding simple tips to your current training program.

Imagine what you could achieve if you had a complete plan for getting a 6-pack. If every day you know exactly what to do – what exercises, how, how many series, how many repetitions and what special techniques to use to maximize fat burning and abdominal relief.

Imagine how fast you could get that flat tummy and how good you will feel when you draw people to the pool and receive dozens of compliments for your sculpted squares.

According to my calculations and experience so far, 24 days is the optimal time to train hard, fight for the desired body, and create an amazing transformation.

The training program that will help you get the squares defined in just 24 days is based on 4 types of workouts:

    • A workout dedicated to strength (which ensures that you will not lose muscle mass)
    • A metabolic workout (# 1 in the Weight Training Top)
    • A training dedicated to the production of Lactic Acid
    • A workout with density scaling (another method of burning an impressive amount of fat that I haven’t talked about before and I’ll leave it as a surprise for now)