How to choose the right perfume for your body chemistry

Isn’t it amazing how a certain smell, taste or noise can automatically transport us back in time to a particular event or memory?

The smell of sea air might remind us of our childhood days with the family or a banging sound could remind us of a scary teacher at school. Whatever the event, it will always be a memorable one.

One reminder that we’ll never complain about is that of our holidays. Endless relaxation on the beach, sipping sangria whilst bathing in a cool pool is one thing that can put a smile on the face of many.

Perfume is just one tool that can help to relive these moments all over again.

Finding the right perfume for a particular occasion is a difficult task. Whilst you may think that the fragrance your friend wears is perfect, in reality that very same perfume may smell completely different on you. People carry smells in different ways and perfume is no exception.

The most important thing to remember is that fragrances are made up of a series of notes, ranging from top notes through to base notes.

Each has its own function and are released (or rather smelt) at varies stages of the day. The top notes, for instance, are those that are experienced on application.

The base notes will be noticed as the day progresses and these make up the main body of the scent.

Here are a list of fragrances that are ideal for those planning on getting away or simply rekindling those special moments experienced on holiday.

English Retreat

When we think of an English break we imagine blue skies, green scenery and quaint cottages situated in valleys on the moors. The smell of flowers and fruit is sure to hit the spot. Plum by Mary Greenwell is the perfect choice as it combines these two notes with the undertones of a more woody lasting scent.

Mediterranean Escape

The Italians are known for their signature scents, a flurry of peaches, hyacinth and melon to give a real fresh and fruity fragrance. The hustle and bustle of the Italian streets needs a touch of clean and fresh smell to wash away the ache of limbs developed whilst browsing the harbour.

Moroccan Nights

To truly capture the essence of Morocco, a rich, dark fragrance is essential. The musky and heavy tones that are experienced throughout the country needs to be replicated in our scents. Ideal perfumes include those that have elements of blackcurrant, lotus wood and truffle, creating mysteriousness.

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