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How to Do Butterfly Knife Tricks

A Butterfly Knife, or balisong, is a specialized knife that is illegal in many parts of America.

Balisongs are folding pocket knives with two handles that operate separate from one another, allowing the knife to close and conceal the weapon entirely.

The purpose of these knives was to conceal the fact that the user is carrying a weapon, then allow the user to arm themselves instantly at will.

Butterfly Knife tricks, also known as “flipping” or “fanning”, are usually only performed for fun these days.

Many people find that performing Butterfly Knife tricks is a calming experience. These tricks usually involve lots of practice and a high level of dexterity.

Remember that all balisong or Butterfly Knife tricks look and feel very simple to perform — that is the beauty of them. It is easy to forget that a balisong is a dangerous weapon, and tricks using Butterfly Knives can be very dangerous.

While you’re learning Butterfly Knife tricks, you should take your time to make sure you understand the steps needed pull the trick off.

Become familiar with the Butterfly Knife

When you are just getting started with it, always wear steel-toed boots to protect your feet in case you get nervous or clumsy. (It can happen to anyone. Play it safe.)

Another security measure you can take is to place a strip of electric tape over the sharp side of the blade.

When the butterfly knife is closed, you will notice one side of it has the lock dangling down.

This is the side that contains the sharp side of the blade–an important detail to remember when practicing your tricks. Even with tape on the blade, you will want to perform the trick as if there is none.

Learn A Basic Butterfly Knife Trick

The basic “open / close flip” is the foundation for all other Butterfly Knife tricks

. There are so many different ways to perform a Butterfly Knife flip, so hunt around for different techniques that you may be more comfortable with.

A basic “partial open flip” is easy to learn. This flip is called a “partial” because it starts with the Butterfly Knife half-open instead of fully closed.

With one handle gripped between your fingers, move your thumb out of the way of the other handle. Notice that the other handle is now hanging down loosely vertical.

Using a smooth motion (and confidence), quickly pull your hand upward. This causes the hanging handle of the Butterfly Knife to move sharply upward.

When the “hanging” handle has passed the horizon line and is steadily moving upward, jerk the blade again (your second jerk less powerful than your first) in order to get the second handle in position.

The proper position for this second handle is the opposite of the way it started — standing straight upwards.

Once the second handle is vertical, jerk your hand downward and allow the handle of the Butterfly Knife to fall between your fingers. You’ll notice that the Butterfly Knife in your hand is fully open.

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