North Node in Leo

The vulnerable point for the natives with the Northern Node in Leo is their overwhelming need to be accepted by colleagues and friends. But friends can never give them enough support, so that they stand out as individuals and take advantage of the exciting opportunities of life. They must become their best friend and have the courage to discover happiness for themselves.

These natives are made for professions that reward the individual creative endeavor. Performing arts in particular, activities related to children, financial placements, games and sports or any other occupation that puts them in the forefront, makes their overwhelming creative energy manifest in a constructive way that brings happiness to all.

Natives with the Northern Node in Leo have the gift of objectivity – they can see exactly what the “game” is. If they are involved in the professions of a technical-scientific nature (scientist, inventor, innovator, researcher, engineer, etc.), then their life can be filled with vitality and joy, and they thrive precisely because they use this talent in their activities. intensely creative.

Natives with the Northern Node in Leo are very gifted for observation, but they must also cross the other side of the barrier, that of action, to create change in the physical world. It should not be limited to seeing what is happening, but actively participating in transforming reality into something positive, including for themselves.

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Their purpose is to learn how to get what they want, through a “detached involvement”. One of the most important life lessons for them is to recognize that they have the force – in fact, a special talent – for constructive changes, whenever they know the “whole” of the moment. Their duty is to follow what makes the child happy in them, a child to whom they must relate permanently, as this enhances their sense of happiness.

In group situations, the natives with the Northern Node in Leo may face the problem of expressing their own personality. It would be helpful for them to understand the real nature of a group.

The groups whose support can be counted are groups of beings with strong personality. They occur spontaneously, by virtue of natural affinities. If these natives want to have healthy group relationships, they must have such a personality. In the affirmation process, they will consider and truly respect the personality of others. The covenants will include respect for the unique inner nature of each and no one will give in to anyone’s will and expectations.

These natives have a unique talent for manifesting in the material world anything they dream of. For them, vitality comes from taking risks. Natives with the Northern Node in Leo must learn to have their purpose permanently in mind. They are so easily distracted by the multitude of opportunities that life offers them, that they have problems whenever they have to remain faithful to the purpose that inspired them. They must strengthen their will and follow their path, regardless of deviations or obstacles, considering themselves as players and not observers.

Natives with the Northern Node in Leo always live in the hope that they will gain enough knowledge to trust the action. In reality, at the subconscious level, the need for total knowledge works as an excuse for delaying the action: they can get out of this deadlock, admitting that it is not a disaster if they sometimes fail. To make mistakes is human and often the mistake is to provide “practical” knowledge of what is truly effective in life.

In a way, the natives with the Northern Node in Leo have, in many respects, a solid self-confidence, which comes from their total confidence in what they think they know; limiting itself only to this, he risks the risk of rigid ideas, as well as limiting the creative potential. They are more suited to the joy, curiosity and encouragement of the child to make new experiences, following the “voice of the heart” and experiencing various things, even if others do not have the courage to do the same.

The natives with the Northern Node in Leo have an excellent scenic endowment and can play any role they choose. Objectivity helps them build excellent strategies. Once they have a firm purpose in mind, they realize how they must play their role alongside or with other people in order to achieve their dream. This talent can be especially useful in situations where they do not feel safe. If they look at everything as a game, then their natural ability as an actor will make them “deliver the saving blow.”

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