The clairvoyant: are there people who see the future?

The question of whether there are clairvoyants who see the future is as old as humanity. But does a clairvoyant really have to see something in order to interpret the future? And how does clairvoyance work? Clairvoyance is not limited to the visual perception of images and sequences. Find out what forms of clairvoyance there are.

Clairvoyance without context

Clairvoyants see something, but cannot do anything with the information. This has to do with the fact that they do not know the actors in the vision and cannot bring the place into a concrete relationship. The information displayed is therefore more of a collection of images and scenes that cannot be specified. And even fewer people can assign what they see to a fixed period and to a person. Many psychics may struggle with this gift and some of them do not want this gift at all. The few who are able to put the clairvoyant material in a context and assign it to a specific person are few. And then the question arises how detailed the information is.

The spiritual channel medium

Clairvoyant people tend to have strong intuition – perhaps more so than other people. They perceive vibrations better and can usually dive into other dimensions. Therefore the spiritual channel medium is also a clairvoyant. The channel medium comes into contact with higher energies such as: ascended masters and angels. And when you get in touch with them, you can learn a lot of information that will be helpful in interpreting the future. The channel medium can also communicate with your own soul. The soul often knows a lot more about your future than you can yourself believe. The result is a pretty usable portfolio for future interpretation. The channel medium is therefore one of the best sources for clairvoyance.

But what does a clairvoyant perceive anyway?

It depends on which channel the clairvoyant prefers. And that means the senses like: hearing, smelling, seeing, feeling, knowing. Hearing, seeing, and knowing are most effective for interpretation because they provide most of the information. But not every clairvoyant sees a lot of useful material. It’s not that his hearing is better developed. Every clairvoyant will rely on the sense that is most pronounced in him personally.

The wrong belief in clairvoyance

Some people believe that the clairvoyant knows everything about himself. He can even read minds! But of course that is not the case. The clairvoyant may also not know your name when you call them.


If it is seeing, then images appear before the inner eye. These can be very clear or initially blurry. Sometimes they show something completely banal, sometimes very detailed images. In some cases they are real visions that look like a little film. And so the art of a clairvoyant lies in translating the perceived material and deriving an interpretation suitable for everyday use.

The feeling

When you come into contact with a clairvoyant who uses the feeling as a tool in their work, they connect with your energy. Only then does a first energetic contact arise. A very good clairvoyant can instantly connect you to events. Emotional and character vibrations are perceived here. These are energetic forces that are in your environment or that may still occur.

For example, a father energy can be defined. But that doesn’t mean your father needs to be mentioned. It can be just as much a relationship with a person as it is with a father. A good friend, uncle, or neighbor can also fall into the father’s energy category. As in many other areas of life, a connection grows. So also that of the clairvoyant and his quality of interpretation.

The knowloedge

What is interesting is a clairvoyant who simply knows what is suddenly there. You ask a question and the clairvoyant answers you. He cannot explain to you where the answer is coming from. But he knows he knows. Just as we know that the earth is round or that we are currently sitting in a chair. This form of clairvoyance is also rarely found.

The smell

Clairvoyance by smell focuses on smells. These are associated with people who are predestined for this fragrance. This can be a perfume or spray that the person likes and uses frequently. It is also possible to derive an action. If the clairvoyant smells from the kitchen, a future event may take place here. Unfortunately, a clairvoyant who only uses smell as a tool has limited precise interpretations. It is always good if he can add another tool to make an interpretation concrete.

The hearing

It can be easy or difficult for the clairvoyant to hear words. What he hears can be complicated at times. Because not always a complete sentence is delivered that can suddenly be heard in the ear of the clairvoyant. Words, half sentences or incomprehensible sentences are part of it and must be converted into a concrete interpretation.