Year of the Monkey – 2024 Horoscope

For you, everything will be a plus this year of the rat 2024. The stars Ta Phu and Huu Bat will energize you and you will be worthless support. The planets Kinh Duong and Benh Phu, too, which will be in harmony with your sign, will help you to realize all your wishes. These impacts will be even more powerful for some natives of the Fire years, who will definitely take off!

This year, the stars of luck will fill some of your wishes. They will promote your House VI, sector, among others, care and health. More than any other sign, you will benefit from scientific and medical advances. And in this sector, your wildest dreams may well be quickly surpassed: keep up to date. You, for example, who hardly dare to believe that we can limit the effects of aging, you will see very soon appear on the market of genuine rejuvenation pills. And you will be the first to use it! The positive impact of the star Luc Si will also clearly favor all those of you who want to become doctors, or who wish to be converted into a health profession: dare to take classes, a new exciting career opens before you !


First trimester: Wiser than usual, more balanced, less anxious too, you will welcome life as it comes, which will allow you to find happiness if you live in pairs. If you are single, you will peacefully accommodate this situation. Less eager to meet, less anguished, you will be even more charming. And that’s when you least expect it to fall on you!

Second trimester: The harmonic aspects of the star Thieu Duong will ensure you days resplendent in love. Harmony will reign in couples, and those who have recently come to terms will come to terms and find common ground. Singles, they will have every chance to have a happy meeting and taste unforgettable moments of tenderness and sweetness with a person who suits them perfectly.

Third Quarter: The areas of your natal chart related to love are not hosting any planet at this time, which promises you a sentimental life without a story. Only the star Truc Phu can blow some of you a pretty infantile behavior. It can indeed make you spend all your desires, without taking into account the sensitivity of others. Be careful not to hurt your spouse or partner, for example by showing you fickle or unfaithful in the name of your precious freedom.

Fourth quarter: Nothing is more exhilarating and desperately sublime than impossible love. That’s what you’ll probably discover these days. You risk, with the presence of the planet Thai Kills in your House XI, to fall in love with a person who is not free but whose charm seems irresistible. If you are clever, you will have good chances to experience together moments of ecstasy as memorable as ephemeral. But would it not be better to put a cross on this affair and to undertake another which is perfectly within your reach?

Work and Money

First quarter: Financial climate quite stable. But you will still have to stay somewhat on the defensive. Not that the stars are particularly negative, but simply because Tau Thu is in disharmonic aspect. This planet may indeed increase your tendency to spend too much. You who are not usually a model of caution in this area, you will be inclined to splurge. And beware: no planet will come to your rescue these days!

Second quarter: The influence of Lam Quan, at the trine of the Sun, will be sensitive especially in the financial field. It will encourage savings, and discourage large expenditures whose need is not clearly established. Of course, you will be interested in following the path thus marked by this star. By the way, you will probably have the chance to make some small, rather unexpected, cash inflows.

Third quarter: Silver side, the star Pha Quan will bring you a little help. But since Pha Quan is not a very powerful planet, do not expect to win the Lotto or see your salary double these days! No, more simply, you may be entitled to an unexpected bonus, or the prepayment of a loan you have made. In any case, remember that “fortune has for right hand skill and for left hand the economy” (Italian proverb).

Fourth quarter: Your material life will be cloudless. Improved monthly income or better lifestyle. Those who previously had financial problems will have every chance to solve them satisfactorily. Those who have heavy debts will be delivered and can start to make real savings. You will be very well inspired in your various financial transactions. The practice of a violin of Ingres will allow some to derive appreciable profits.


First trimester: The many planets in presence may slightly affect your health. But do not worry: they will be generally favorable. Simply, you can go through a short phase of nervousness and have trouble relaxing. Avoid maximizing stress; do yoga or physical exercises quite intense. If you are prone to hypertension, you will have to be a bit more vigilant at this time.

Second quarter: Good health overall. But the liver, gallbladder, pancreas and spleen will be more vulnerable than usual because of the harmful influence of the Thai star in opposition to the Sun. You will need to spare them. Avoid dishes that are too rich or too spicy, and drink a lot of mineral water between meals. Increased risks of diabetes during this period.

Third quarter: In general, good physical resistance. You may experience some small moments of fatigue, but you can recover very quickly by going to sleep a little earlier. This period could allow some natives suffering from a chronic disease to see their malady evolve favorably, perhaps thanks to a change of treatment.

Fourth quarter: Physically, you will benefit at this time from the support of the star Truong Sinh, whose name literally means “long life”. Your vitality will be excellent, so much so that everything will seem easy. Those who have suffered from various affections will see their condition improve in a sensible if not spectacular way. Have your eyes checked.

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