Year of the Rooster – 2024 Horoscope

Rooster people are dynamic, ambitious but a little too proud. They like to be noticed and do not hesitate to dress ostentatiously to feel the eyes of others to rest on them. They are disdainful of anyone who has, in their eyes, lax behavior. And they love the rewards!

People sign of the Rooster were born in 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017. Here are the exact dates and their associated elements:
Wood Rooster: February 13, 1945 to February 1, 1946 and February 09, 2005 to January 28, 2006
Rooster of Fire: from January 31, 1957 to February 17, 1958 and from January 28, 2017 to February 15, 2018
Rooster of Earth: from February 17, 1969 to February 05, 1970
Rooster of Metal: from February 05, 1981 to January 24, 1982
Water Rooster: from 26 January 1933 to 13 February 1934 and 23 January 1993 to February 9, 1994

Meaning of the sign Rooster

The Rooster is the tenth sign of the Chinese zodiac. Its fundamental element is Metal. It is a feminine sign with a Yin polarity. His colors are white and yellow. The flowers and plants bringing him luck and prosperity are the gladiolus, the impatiens and, of course, the crest of cock (rhineathe). Among the signs of the Western Zodiac, he has affinities with the Virgin.
In Chinese culture, it is claimed that the rooster is a virtuous being animated by an unparalleled courage, trustworthy, kind, possessing all the civil and military virtues. Thanks to all these qualities, he returns, singing in the morning, all the dark forces in their penates.

General climate

In this chinese year 2024, you will receive your share of luck, which will be greater than the average. Know it: it is especially your love and your relations with your friends that will be favored. This will not, however, prevent your professional life from evolving favorably thanks to unexpected support. Some well-placed people, whom you barely know, could support your projects without even being solicited! And, of course, your long-time friends will not hesitate to help you selflessly either. Even more promising: many of you will come out of a long, emotionally difficult time; Extremely beneficial configurations promise you a happier and more harmonious life together. If you live alone, do not worry: it will be almost impossible, with such planetary protections, to miss the meeting you dream of!

The stars Nguyet Duc, Phong Cao and Thai Tue will all be in harmony with your sign. With these Sky behemoths for allies, you can move forward without worry. Even if the stars Hi Than and Lam Quan are worth you some difficulties, you will have all the assets in hand to face. Choose your most essential desires and take risks to direct your destiny as you wish: you will get there!


The astral atmosphere of the year will instil a clear sense of well-being. You will tend to see life on the bright side and take the time to live. Do not try to speed up your pace.


You will live at the time of amenity. You will play the mediators and not the divisors; you will seek harmony in your relationships with those around you. Not to mention your power of seduction, which will be at its peak in the spring.


You will want to take life as it comes. But that’s a good thing, know it! However, carelessness is not synonymous with negligence. A certain rigor should always be observed in everyday life and in work.


Obstacles and small disappointments that will get in your way may make you morose. React! Do not get bogged down in negative thoughts.


Astral influences will accentuate the contradictions inherent in your personality. Sometimes ready to break everything to reach your goals, sometimes hesitant and unmotivated, you will stagnate, and you will often feel inconvenienced.

Love and Dating

First trimester

Net embellished on the conjugal level. After many tensions, you will finally be able to re-establish a dialogue with your spouse or partner and strengthen your bonds of complicity. It is true that you will adopt a very different attitude and that you will again show this optimism, this desire to see the positive aspect of any situation, which would make you so endearing in the eyes of the other. Singles from all countries, wake up! During this period, you will have excellent prospects for your love life. It will not be the moment to get into your shell. Do not make complexes; dare. The first two months of the period will be particularly favorable to romantic encounters and loves.

Second trimester

With this aspect of the star Hoa Quyen, your life as a couple will be more or less disturbed. For some of you, it will not result in some communication difficulties. For others, things will be more difficult, and they may even live in a climate of lies and dissimulation. But everything can be arranged if you show tolerance and understanding. If you live alone, you will be more solicited than ever, but will not want to fix you. You will fully enjoy your freedom, and you will not know where to give heart!

Third trimester

Warning ! You will be tempted to be very suspicious of your spouse or romantic partner these days. You will not give him a moment’s rest, and he will have trouble catching his breath. Imagine what the situation could lead to! Try to turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before speaking. If you are free, what should have been just a fleeting love affair might begin to turn into a lasting relationship, and you will not complain.

Fourth trimester

With this aspect of the star Loc Ton, it’s all or nothing: passion or chain conflicts! If your couple is seriously losing their wings, this period could be marked by a decision of rupture. If your couple is strong, you will then go through a very positive phase of questioning. If you live alone, you will be inclined to put too much aggression in your romantic relationships, or you will still look a little distant to discourage a loving suitor. Some natives will have to undergo the rivalry in love.


First trimester

Heaven offers you two allies in the money plan. On the one hand, Long Tri, a beneficial body, will move into your money sector, which will protect your financial equilibrium. On the other hand, the presence of Tu Vi will also be beneficial for your bank account: among other qualities, Tu Vi is one of the most financially favorable planets. This will be even more true if you are born in a year Wood or Water.

Second trimester

Business and commerce will benefit these days from the support of the stars. In particular, the purchases, the increase of your wardrobe, the projects concerning gifts to be made later will be very favored, in the sense that you will have excellent ideas and will find bargains.

Third trimester

The global environment will favorably influence your finances and stimulate you. This will be the perfect time to invest, speculate, increase the capital of your company. However, it would be wise to advise you because you do not know everything in this area. You will receive, before the end of the period, precious advice from a friend or associate to easily increase your income.

Fourth trimester

The star That Sat in this aspect will force you to be concrete and organized in money matters. For its part, the star Dai Hao will encourage you to put your energy and your action capabilities in the service of your bank account. Only small problem possible: while allowing you to improve your income, Dai Hao will make you very spendthrift; beware of temptations!

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