What is Family Law?

The name gives a good indication about what family law is, it deals with legal issues of families. It is a specific area of law and solicitors will specialise in this one area of law as a comprehensive knowledge is needed to fully understand the nuances of the niche. It is also important to note that family law changes from country to country and state to state, so if you live in Townsville you need to look for family lawyers Townsville.

Divorce is probably the most common family law case, although adoptions, child abuse, child custody and juvenile delinquency cases are also common cases that require a family lawyer. So family lawyers work within these types of cases, whether that’s through mediation, court appearances or written agreements.

For divorce and family lawyer takes you through the legal requirements that come with the termination of a marriage. Navigating these requirements can be tough and a wrong decision can have implications that carry on into the future.  To understand the psychological effects of divorce on children, check

Child custody is another major part of family law and is very controversial as parental disputes are often intense and emotional. A family lawyer gathers and organises testimonies and evidence used to support your claims regarding the best interests of the child or children.

Child support follows on from child custody and is equally as controversial. A family lawyer is there to ensure fairness in your child support case. If one partner is hiding income or is claiming voluntary unemployment a family lawyer can help find the appropriate evidence to support the claims.

In abuse or neglect cases a family lawyer is there to showcase it to the court in order to get the best outcome. Or if a false claim is made they can defend you against those claims.

Do you really need a family lawyer?


The quick answer is yes, here are a few reasons why:

  • They provide an objective view, they’re there to help you but that have an objective viewpoint and use this to help advise you.
  • They’re the professionals, they’re learned in family law and have the qualifications. They also keep on top of any changes and additions in the law.
  • They help you avoid unfair negotiations or unnecessary court appearances.
  • They organise and plan your case, ensuring or documents and filings are kept up to date.
  • Ensure you do not pay too much support or receive the right amount of support.
  • They can advise you against poor or bad decisions.
  • Emotional stability – by being a point of contact in a family law cases you can leave emotions out of communication during a divorce or child custody case.

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