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Why You Should Buy in Bulk

Whether you’re buying food, household items or even cleaning products, buying them in bulk has many benefits, for you and the environment.

Many of us avoid buying in bulk because it means we need to carry something heavy or we’re not sure if we’re going to need or use all of it.

This is a bad mindset to have as there are plenty of items that we use everyday that can sit at home or the office for as long as we need them. Have a look at some of the benefits below if you’re usure about buying in bulk.

It saves you time!

Say you’re running an office and your time is spread pretty thin already with all the extra process COVID-19 has caused. Is it worth buy 1 bolt of hand sanitiser or 1 bottle of soap at a time? You know you’re going to need another bottle pretty soon, instead buy bulk hand sanitiser Adelaide or bulk soap bottles. This extends to everything that isn’t perishable, so tissues, toilet paper and even coffee (it lasts for ages!). when you buy in bulk you only have to buy it once, instead of every other week, saving you precious time.

It’s Cheaper!

Generally, buying in bulk is noticeably cheaper. You’re not paying for any fancy packaging or branding and transport costs are cheaper as it’s easier to ship and not double handed or transported as much.

It reduces waste.

Like mentioned above, when you buy in bulk it doesn’t come with any of the special packaging or the plastic shopping bags you’d get if you went to the store. When paired with reusable equipment, think soap or sanitiser dispensers that can be refilled, you are further reducing your plastic waste.

Reduced carbon footprint

Buying in bulk cuts down the transport time of a product. Buying direct means the product comes straight to you, not to the supplier and then to the store before you drive to pick it up or get it shipped to your house. Additionally, small single use products can’t be packed as efficiently and require additional transport when used. Buying in bulk stops you from driving to the store or getting the item shipped every time you need it, because you’ll always have it!

Also, the minimal packing also helps reduce your carbon footprint and waste, making it an even more environmentally friendly option.

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