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3 Reasons to See a Financial Advisor

Most of us go through life with little to know understanding on how to manage, spend or save our money. This isn’t a big surprise to us, most education systems put no weight or time into financial management.

While some we are pushed into learning certain subjects from a very young age, we learn nothing about money and how to manage it, even in the last few years of our school life.

Oak Financial Planner advises that this has meant a big portion of the population put little to no thought into how they manage their money when they reach adulthood.

That is until something goes wrong, at which point they go running to a financial advisor or planner. Unfortunately, financial planning works better when used to plan for the future and not react to the past or current events. Here are five tips as to why you should take the step and see a financial advisor now:

They will perceive your situation objectively

A financial advisor or financial planner will give a profession and objective judgement on your financial situation. Often as individuals we make financial decisions based on our emotions or we go to family or friends that give us their biased opinions and advice.

Really, when it comes down to it a financial advisor is only there to help you reach your financial goals, so emotion or biased doesn’t come into the equation when developing your plan with you.

They will save you time

A lot of us put off financial planning because we don’t have the time. Even if we do have some knowledge of financial planning our lives are busy so we push it to the side and say “I’ll do that next week”.

A financial planner will research your financial situation and find the best recommendations for you, from there they will help you choose what you both feel is the best option. But after that they follow up on the plans progress and make sure it’s being implemented properly to give you the best chance of achieving your goals.

Help protect you and your family

To protect your future you need to plan and manage your finances. Like we mentioned in the introduction, it’s not good enough to simply react as issues arise, this is how we full into debt and stressful financial times.

A financial advisor is there to help you plan for the worst but expect the best. Injury, death or loss of income can cause undue stress on your finances and while you may be able to cope in the short term, these scenarios can be long term. Although we don’t like to think about them, a financial advisor will help you plan for them to ensure you don’t have to stress about money during an already stressful time.

While some of us may be in control of our finances, not all of us are and not all of know where to start. Seeing a financial advisor is more valuable than we know and can teach us a lot in financial independence.

Take the step and see a financial planner to take control of your money and future.

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