Which Zodiac Sign is the Craziest


In terms of appearances, it’s not very good to believe. It is true that they are very restless, but they manage to keep us in check when an important problem can be solved.


You have only one dwarf on your brain, but it manifests itself in more and more inappropriate moments. Thus, you end up making all kinds of decisions unfavorable to you.


You have a lot of dwarfs on your brain, but you don’t get along. Those who take care of their suffering are their people around you, then there are many friends.


You have a dwarf in your brain, whom you love like the back of your head. Don’t let your heart slow down and let it go, as long as his actions don’t upset the other loved ones in your life.


It doesn’t matter how many dwarfs you have on your brain, because they are so beautiful! In addition to their physique that is impossible to ignore, they are also full of charm, so no one gets upset when they go crazy.


You have 7 dwarfs on your brain, very annoying! They whisper every imperfection you notice, so no wonder you don’t miss anything!


No one had the courage to wonder how many dwarfs you have on your brain. There are many and very bad, but if you have the courage, you can count them. It would be one that makes you change your mind every 5 seconds, one that makes you spend huge amounts on clothes, one that makes you angry that someone didn’t tie well to the laces…


Your dwarfs on the brain didn’t have you more tolerated and abandoned you. Don’t worry, though! You do just as well without them!


You only have 2 dwarfs on your brain, but they make 6 heads! You can calm them down with long walks and nature outings, because they are their favorite activities.


You have 5 dwarfs on your brain, but I dare not make a sound in front of you. We don’t know how they got together, it’s certain that they have no chance to control you anyway.


You have 4 dwarfs on your brain, but you give them all the conditions and there are great chances for them to multiply. What’s worse is that you might like them so much that you let them take control of your life. And do you think I can do anything good?


You have 6 dwarfs on your brain, and when things don’t turn out the way you want, they go crazy. Try to remind them who the boss is, otherwise you may suffer.