Mars in Retrograde 2021 Meaning

We are in a period of intense energy. On September 9, Mars will enter Retrograd and will remain so until November 13 to teach us some important lessons that we have avoided so far.

This time the whole period can become tiring and frustrating for all of us. But four signs, in particular, must be as careful as possible so as to overcome all the challenges.

Usually, retrograde Mars comes with quite strong states, with anger, ambition and passion. This is why many of us will feel overwhelmed before any action.

Here are the four signs that will be most affected during Mars Retrograd:


Mars is the planet that governs your sign, so you will feel its energies more than anyone else. This can lead to extreme exhaustion and a lack of motivation.

You may also be confused about what your goals are for the future. The best thing you can do during this time is to learn to let go, to start relaxing, and to allow the Universe to play its card. Take care of your essential needs and stop focusing on future efforts.


Social connections are an incredible part of your life. However, during retrograde Mars, trying to work on any kind of connection between you and the people around you can become a source of tension.

The best thing you can do during this time is to learn to let go. Try to understand that you can’t control certain things and that the people around you can be very indifferent sometimes. Rather, focus on yourself and your relationship with yourself. Learn to rediscover yourself and realize what makes you truly happy.


Are you ready for a very confusing time from all points of view? You may feel in control of any aspect of your life in the coming weeks. You need to think very carefully before making any unforeseen decisions.

Meditate and connect with your inner self. Learn to listen more to your thoughts so that you can take concrete steps towards a better and more beautiful future.

Mars Retrograd may reveal some old resentments. This wave of emotions could make you want to give up everything and go back to the past. Try to be patient and focus, rather, on the beautiful things that happen in your life – there are certainly some important ones that you don’t even pay attention to.

In your relationship with those around you, you may be slightly disappointed by loved ones that you hold dear.

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