Aries 2021 Horoscope

aries 2021 horoscope
General overview for the year 2021

With Jupiter transiting the 11th house from your sun sign this year, things are set to look exciting for you in the social front. 

You will be introduced to a new circle of friends and there will be lot of scope to indulge in pleasurable activities. You will enjoy unstinted support from everyone around you this year. 

This year will prove auspicious for the acquisition of new assets.  Single natives will meet the match of their dreams.  Those appearing in competitive examinations will do well and get vital breaks in their career.


Your financial aspects look quite positive this year.  There will be ample scope to make good profits in business in spite of the general gloom all around. 

At the very least, you will do much better than your peers.  You will be able to meet all your commitments easily due to timely assistance from well-wishers during critical periods. 

The months of June, September, and December will be especially auspicious for your financial prospects, and you should try to time your long-term investments during these auspicious periods. 

Though general financial climate looks auspicious, there are certain aspects that suggest that you should think twice before making major financial commitments – especially concerning insurance, or taking loans or considering mortgage agreements to raise funds.

Career prospects

Career front looks highly promising.  Long-awaited promotions may come your way along with incremental benefits or arrear dues.  There will be ample scope to mix business with pleasure – like visiting exotic locales during official tours. 

The attitude of associates at work will be generally satisfactory, and your team will perform well as a unit.  Though you will excel as a team-person during this year, you should make it a point to handle crucial negotiations in business personally rather than delegating them to others.

Arians always love to be in the forefront, and this year seems to give them ample scope to lead from the front.

Romantic possibilities, friendships, social life

You will enjoy privileged access to new circles, and may have chance to cultivate a warm relationship with highly successful persons in the society.  Planetary influences of this year do provide ample scope to meet the match of your dreams as you will come across many like-minded and compatible mates when you attend social occasions. 

This is an auspicious year to get engaged/ married if you have been in love for quite a while, and wish to tie the knot ultimately.  Travels will be enjoyable and productive to a large extent.


Too much of hectic activity may leave you tired in the months of June and July.  There is also possibility of minor infections in October/ November.  Otherwise you will generally enjoy excellent health this year.

Important periods in the year 2009
  • Best period for travel : April, May, August, December.
  • Best period for romance/ family matters : February, June, October, December.
  • Best period for new ventures : April, May, August, October, December.