Rat Horoscope 2024

The Chinese new year; the year of the Rat, will begin in a few months. This year, the solar and lunar calendars are aligned, one beginning January 24 and the other January 25, 2024. We always open the horoscope with the Rat, the first of 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. By 2024, you had to agree to grow and take on challenges. If you did, you start 2020 the Year of the Rat with a better deck of cards in your hands. If you have however avoided responsibilities, the universe will remind you of the work to do on you. 2024 brings mixed influences for your sign, which could first baffle you and then offer you new opportunities in its second half … Let’s see your horoscope in detail.

Keep in mind that this horoscope is based only on your birth year which is only a quarter of your Chinese astrological chart. Do you know that you can have one, two, three or even four Rat signs in your natal chart? Your complete theme is Bazi or the Four Pillars of Fate. This complete picture often gives a very different picture than that offered by your simple year of birth / Chinese sign, and thus tells another story. This form of Chinese astrology, Bazi, is my specialty. It provides you with your personal life card, to find your vocation, to know your timing and to evolve positively.


In 2019, women born under the sign of the rat were able to meet a compatible partner. The challenges may have come from the need to change your lifestyle, see moving to adapt to your new relationship. Men of the sign of the Rat could also find love if they were ready to lower their ego and willing to change. If nothing has happened yet (as a reminder this type of horoscope only takes into account your year of birth), you will have other opportunities in 2024, the year of the return of your sign.

What about this year of the rat then? She brings the Spouse Element for the women of the sign, namely the Earth. However, it is Yin Earth, which does not mix very well with your Rat sign, which is made of Water Yin. Earth Yin + Water Yin = mud … So, even if a new partner can come forward, there is also a lot of mental confusion about where to go in your love life (at least during the first semester). You may feel trapped by intense situations such as love-loving relationships or a love triangle, or be around someone who is very undecided. Men of the sign can get stuck in the same kind of situation and can not control everything. However, they are less likely to find someone this year because their Relationship Element, the Yang Fire, is not present. For both sexes, things improve in the second half when the sign of the rat is more influential. You could then have more clarity on who to choose and what to do. Relationships should also become lighter during this period.

For people who are already in a relationship, pay attention to your words during this year. Do not make hasty decisions based on your mood and how you perceive your partner in the moment, as your feeling will improve during the year. Overall, this is not a year devoted to looking for love for the Rats, but it can be a good year for new friendships.

Work and Money

There is no sign of money in this year  for the Rat natives. Therefore, this is not a year that shouts “money” on the rooftops, unless the rest of your Bazi gives a different version. Does this mean that your career is not going to move in the right direction? Not necessarily. In fact, it is for you to follow the flow and know what attitude to adopt.

The first important point to remember is that you must be a “good soldier” in the first half of the year, from February to August. Do not make waves and be very diplomatic to avoid confronting your superiors. If you act this way, you will score points. During the second half of the year, some of you may be rewarded with a bonus or promotion if you are a good team player. This is not a year where you have to play it “solo”, aggressive or too ambitious. Instead, you must be the best possible coworker and really work as a team. It’s at this price that 2024 could be a good year for your career. I must say that the women of the signs are more advantageous this year.

But for both men and women, the year is confusing as far as your career is concerned. Whatever your progress or the recognition you could get, you do not know if you still love what you do. You will wonder if you should continue in this direction. This is not a good year to throw the baby out with the bathwater: it can be a good time to talk to a good astrologer (follow my eyes) and to counselors to assess your potential and see what you could do afterwards. Once again, the second semester is more favorable for this type of introspection and this work on yourself.

Finally, if you are self-employed: it is first of all a year that may bring you obstacles and difficult customers. But over the year you will have opportunities and your work will be more appreciated, especially if you do creative work.


Although this year is not detrimental to your health, native Rat, there are some points you should pay attention to. The main aspect is your kidneys and your bladder. Women might be particularly prone to cystitis this year, and men with kidney stones. Both can be avoided with the right diet and good plants, and I would advise you to be followed by a doctor of Chinese medicine and acupuncture to prevent these problems. Do check this site if you are also interested in more traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

The other major aspect is your mental confusion, which I mentioned in the previous paragraph. For some of you, the first half of the year could be “muddy”. You may feel that you do not like your job, your relationships, or your lifestyle, and do not really know what to do about it. I would say that nothing should be done at the moment unless you receive good advice from an astrologer or a trusted seer. You are not your best advisor at the beginning of the year, when Yin Earth is acting against your sign. Situations, however, tend to clear up after the summer. This is the right time to say what you have to say, and to progress in your personal development and the therapeutic work that you could undertake. Throughout the year, your friendships should help you and provide you with valuable support. Invite new people into your life as they may have important messages to convey to you.

Good or bad horoscope: everything is a question of adaptation! Your sign can live a good year even during storms. The key is to predict what will happen to you, to prepare for it and adapt to it.

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