Year of the Ox – 2020 Horoscope

Here is the horoscope for the second sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Ox. The sign of the Ox enters a period he loves, namely the year d the Rat .  2020 and 2021 are in favor of your sign, and the year of the pig could actually be one of your best in a long time. There is something in this Yin Earth Pig that makes it different from the other years of the Pig: namely Yin Earth, which is also contained in abundance in the energy of your sign. You will not find this information in many horoscopes, but you are one of the best signs of the Chinese zodiac in 2020. And that unless the rest of your Bazi – namely your month, day and time of birth – go in a radically different direction … For your general predictions based solely on your year of birth, But keep reading …


Keep in mind that this horoscope is based only on your birth year which is only a quarter of your Chinese astrological chart. Do you know that you can have one, two, three or even four Ox signs in your natal chart? Your complete theme is Bazi or the Four Pillars of Fate. This complete picture often gives a very different picture than that offered by your simple year of birth / Chinese sign, and thus tells another story. This form of Chinese astrology, Bazi, is my specialty. It provides you with your personal life card, to find your vocation, to know your timing and to evolve positively.


Your sign had a good chance of meeting a partner or having a better relationship in 2019, the Year of the Pig. The year of the Pig , was not as favorable to your love life. In 2020 luckily you are back with good energy to find love. Single men and women of the sign of the Buffalo have a good chance of getting into each other, because the energies representing their respective partners are contained in the Year of the Pig. It can therefore be the year of a beautiful meeting for all those who are still single. Do not miss this opportunity because you tend to isolate yourself by watching Netflix huddled under your covers, then ask you at the end of the year WHY you have not met yet. One wonders…

This year is also particularly conducive to homosexual Buffalo natives. The gays and lesbians of the sign go through a special year that resonates deeply with their search for a same-sex partner. This is because the year brings both the energies that complement you AND a basic energy very similar to your sign. This makes finding a “double”, same-sex partner, easier and more accessible. So go out and meet the Buffalo so you do not miss such an opportunity!

The year is also very favorable to friendships. Wonderful people could enter your life. You might want to live a little isolation phase during the first half of this year of the Pig, because you will find that some of your old friends are no longer on the same wavelength. For a faithful sign like yours, it can be difficult to let them go. But if some are psychic vampires because too demanding and full of insecurities, see what best serves your evolution! Be as open as some friendships become a little more, because that’s how love could come into your life this year …

Work and Money

Although this area is not as spectacular as your love or social life, there is also a lot to gain for your sign during the Year of the Pig. During the first half, you will have time to reflect on yourself. You will wonder if your career is right for you and if it really is who you are. Fortunately, this introspection will not last forever and the year will give you answers. If you make a mistake, you will realize it mid-year. It’s actually a great year to learn new skills, train again and take active steps to change careers if you wish.

If you are independent, now is the time to actively develop your business and see results. There will be some basic work to do in the first semester to get there, but rest assured that the second semester should help you get noticed and attract new clients. The year is particularly favorable if you are creative, such as a graphic designer, an interior designer or an architect.

If you work in a large company with many colleagues, you will go through two separate phases again. During the first month of the year, you could be assessed and feel the pressure. This is the right moment to prove yourself. Fortunately, you will then see opportunities, see a possible promotion during the year. The key is to be an excellent team player, because for you the union is strength this year.

For the men and women of the sign, there could be a flirtation with your boss this year. It’s a dangerous bet, so see if it serves your interests at best … Stay discreet if you go in that direction.


As you understand from now on, the year is favorable to your sign. Regarding your well-being, you may find that you start to lose shape during the winter (or summer for the Southern Hemisphere!). But it should be easy enough for you to get back on the line, because the Pig activates your desire to move, play sports and be healthy. It is also a good year for psychoanalysis because you will find what motivates you and will get the missing pieces from your psychology and your personal story. If you do this work this year, you will have less to do in 2021, the year of the return of your sign. A technique I love, family constellations, can help you unleash your potential right now.

Other highlights of the year are trips, which could be numerous from the summer, as well as new friendships. It is also a good year for you to expatriate and finally an excellent year to work on your house, with the good consultant in Feng Shui, for example. Now who can it be?

Good or bad horoscope: everything is a question of adaptation! Your sign can live a good year even during storms. The key is to predict what will happen to you, to prepare for it and adapt to it.