Going the Extra Mile From Architect to Project Manager

Studies published by the Project Management Institute (PMI) revealed an increase in commercial project performance worldwide.

In 2017 project performance increased by 3% in 2018 up from 68%. Project managers have been the reason for the increase, and demands for them have risen.

PMI predicts over 97 million project management professionals will be needed by 2027, and businesses stand to lose billions of dollars without their talent.

It is the reason businesses look for architects with a variety of talents for different company roles, and they seek complete business management software solutions.

Architects are currently trying to get these positions to increase the skill levels needed for big projects.

By combining your skills along with software solutions, your architectural knowledge can make company projects successful.

What Does an Architect Have to Offer Project Management?

Here are the skills an architect can bring to project management.

Teamwork and Communication

Having good teamwork and communication skills is essential for a project manager. You come ready for project management since you already know how to work with contractors, use your stakeholder’s management background, and build clients and companies.


Your background in architecture can offer the company effective negotiation skills. Your expertise and advice can assist in solving issues with building contractors.


You likely have a natural flair for solving issues as an architect. You can manage the structural details as well as solve company problems with unique solutions.

Your skills allow you to fill problem areas in a building plan and give creative solutions in a manner a person who isn’t an architect couldn’t.

Making Decisions

Your architectural expertise allows you to make good decisions that can benefit a career in project management.

Some examples of decisions you can confidentiality make include making arrangements for groundwork requirements, devising quality control plans, and establishing building sites.

Risk Mitigation

Being an architect can assist you in keeping track of records and variables, which helps maintain budgets and please stakeholders by paying them on time.

Projects are less likely to be designed and built with errors, and you will more likely make a good choice of a contractor.

How Does Project Managing Skills Improve Employee Value?

Project managing skills will help you expand and diversify your architectural career.

Besides expanding your opportunities, you also grow as a leader because of your analytical and reporting skills.

If you are currently seeking to expand your job prospects, education is available at postgraduate and undergraduate levels.

You will be able to work while you study with online courses such as the Graduate Diploma in Project

Management program offered by RMIT.

Getting this degree will help you to expand your architectural background into project management.

The program allows a flexible course to suit your needs with seven-week study periods so you can balance study and work.

After you complete the course and earn your degree, you will be in a better position to lead in a quickly growing field.

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