How Can You Win Back Your Husband From Another Woman

He had an affair. Some women want to rebuild their relationship to get over the problems of the past. The psychologist says how you can regain your husband after an adventure. It’s not easy and it takes patience.

It would be useful for “the woman to let her husband do what she wants, but not to judge him, critically, not to burn the bridges of communication and to observe, in time, if the man is happy, satisfied, listened to, understood and fulfilled in the new relationship “, says the psychotherapist Tedy Christian. It takes a lot of self-control to be able to do that. However, in order to regain your husband, it is important.

How can you win back your husband. Give him a better alternative

“It is possible that he will discover that under the gilded polish of a younger woman, perhaps even more problems, requirements, conflicts are hidden. That doesn’t mean he’ll come back automatically. If you have the strength to listen to him and understand when he gets to this point, if you prove to him that you have changed, then there is a chance to bring him back. At the same time, you should understand what went wrong, what you both need to change to be happy. If you want to continue together, offer him an attractive alternative to the new adventure “, Tedy Christian would advise a lady in this situation.

How can you win back your husband. Learn from mistakes

“Until he understands why he left, what he wants now, what he hopes to find and prove that he can offer in a functional marriage, there is no chance of return. If after these efforts to analyze, communicate and change things for the better, the two discover that they have different desires and the man has a functional and satisfying relationship with his new partner, then it becomes clear that he will not come back. However, even then, it does not mean that their marriage was a completely unsuccessful experience “, says the specialist.

When you give up the relationship

Even if you realize that you can’t win your husband back, you can learn from your mistakes.

psychotherapist Tedy Christian, Tel: 0726.852.395 “It would be good for her future relationships for the woman to be aware of what worked, what was good and caused her great joy and pleasure, what did not work and what caused her negative emotions: sadness, depression, fear, anxiety, jealousy, contempt, hatred, etc. Being aware of what she likes and dislikes, what she wants and what she doesn’t, her values, dreams and aspirations, the woman has much more chances of success in choosing a new partner and in the success of the future relationship, ”says psychotherapist Tedy Christian.

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