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L’Oréal Infallible Matte Foundation: A Must Buy For All Occasions

For those who are concerned about their makeup and appearance, finding the perfect foundation can mean everything.

From being able to cover up blemishes to completing a look, you may be looking for makeup that you can depend on for years to come. You know the kind where you can finally say, “the struggle is over!

When it comes to makeup, what you use to hide your imperfections is one of the most important items that you will purchase.

If you get the wrong color, it could be drawing the wrong kind of attention. If you purchase the wrong texture for your type of skin, you may end up better off not using foundation.

For people who have serious blemishes, such as stains or scars, they may want to make sure that their imperfections are covered throughout the day and investing in a long-lasting cover-up may be exactly what they need.

The L’Oréal Infallible Matte Foundation is one that many can depend on for its coverage, quality, and texture. Is this cover-up for you?

To be able to answer this, you should ask yourself some questions about your skin-tone, needs, and lifestyle, such as the ones below in our L oreal infallible foundation review.

What to Look For In A Foundation

When you go to choose a foundation, there are a couple of things to keep in mind while shopping. Consider the following:

  1. Do you tend to get shiny-looking skin when you use foundation?
  2. Is it difficult for you to find a matte foundation that provides smooth coverage without looking flat and dry?
  3. Do you work long hours and you’ve found that most makeup doesn’t last as long as you’d like?
  4. Do you struggle with finding makeup that provides you with enough coverage to hide embarrassing sun-spots or stains?
  5. Do you have a limited budget for your makeup and want to find an affordable, good-quality option for you?
  6. Do you travel a lot and need something that provides you with a substantial amount of makeup while also being the right size and shape for your travel bag?
  7. Do you use a brush or a sponge for applying your makeup?
  8. Following is some more information about this matte makeup to help you decide if it should be the latest addition to your makeup kit.

L’Oreal Infallible Foundation Specifications

The 1 fl. oz. (35 ml) is small enough to conveniently fit in your travel bag while also providing a few months’ worth of foundation.

It’s length and width is 4.9 in and 12 cm so users can expect to get a fair amount of use for its price. Its sleek tube-shape makes it easy to pack in any small pocket in your bags or purse and the transparent part of the tube allows for users to be able to see the color, as well as to see when the foundation is getting low.

It comes in 12 different colors which means that it can work for many different skin-tones.

From Classic Ivory to Cocoa, it’s a cover-up that can work for the fair-skinned to the tanned and darker-skinned.

What Can You Expect?

Of course, you don’t buy foundation for the bottle, so that takes us to your next question.

What can you expect from the Infallible Matte Foundations itself? Its matte texture makes it an especially good foundation for those who may suffer from oily skin yet it’s light and smooth consistency makes it easy to apply. It promises day-long coverage and also ensures as smooth-looking complexion.

It’s a trustworthy foundation for those who may struggle with wanting to hide their freckles, scars, or any type of blemishes.

Why Is It Beneficial?

Because of its matte finish, many people consider this foundation to provide a professional-looking finish that is photo-ready.

It’s even been compared to airbrush makeup which is often used on models and actors to ensure that they have great coverage under bright lights and on-camera.

So, you can only imagine that it does a good job at covering those blemishes and imperfections that you may want to hide.

Have you ever found a great cover-up that you love? But after only a few hours of use, you realize that you have to reapply it?

If there was one reason to get this L’Oréal foundation, it would have to be because of its 24-hour coverage.

For those who have to spend long hours at their job, the idea of finding affordably-priced makeup that will last is a “godsend.”

Another highly attractive feature about this cover-up is that while it provides users with a matte finish that helps to minimize the look of greasy skin, it still has a creamy texture that makes it easy to apply and smooth all over the face. It’s especially beneficial for warm weather as it doesn’t react to sweat like other types of foundations.

While some matte foundations tend to have a flat and dry look, there is enough of shine in this product without it having an oily and greasy look.

Something else that many people appreciate about this makeup is that while it is an affordable, drug-store option, it provides high-quality coverage without costing them an arm and a leg.

Some makeup can be a bit difficult to carry for traveling. Because you have limited space in your bag and plenty of makeup to take with you, it helps to have a tube like this one that is easy to squeeze into any small area in your luggage.

For those who don’t like the feel of wearing heavy makeup, this L’Oréal product offers a lightweight coverage without sacrificing on its ability to cover up blemishes.

It also works well for people who may struggle with red skin and want makeup that will do a good job at covering the redness.

When Should You Use It?

Some people like to only use matte foundations at night. But because this Infallible Foundation has a lighter texture than most matte cover-ups, it can be used during the day without looking caked on.

It’s especially beneficial for those times when you want to make sure that you have enough coverage to last throughout the day. Such as a wedding, a long day at work, or when you have a special occasion where you want your makeup to last.

It’s been compared to airbrush makeup which means that it provides a very solid coverage that looks good in photographs.

If you have a photo shoot coming up or you are planning a vacation and you want to be sure that you look good in your vacation pictures, this is a perfect pick for you.

This makeup can be used for any occasion. But if you’re the type of person who likes to save makeup for special events or occasions, you may not want to wear this every day. That way you can save it for those times when you want a flawless look.

Tips And Tricks For Application

While the L’Oréal Infallible Foundation is easy to apply, there are a couple of things that you will want to do before applying it. While it goes on smoothly and easily, if you have any kind of flakes or peach fuzz on your face, it will accentuate it.

To avoid this-especially in daylight-make sure to exfoliate your face and put on moisturizer before applying the makeup.

You also want to make sure to wax any stray hairs around the lip line so that they aren’t glaringly obvious when you apply this L’Oréal product. Because it dries somewhat quickly, you will want to avoid using a brush. But rather use either your finger or a sponge that ensures quick application.

When choosing your L’Oréal makeup, you want to be sure to get the right color match. That way the final application doesn’t make you look like a ghost or clash with your actual skin-tone. Many times, it’s best to find a color that is a bit richer than the one that seems to match your skin perfectly.

Something else to keep in mind when applying your cover-up is to avoid caking it on in areas with fine lines or wrinkles as it will accentuate them instead of helping to minimize your imperfections.

What Should You Use It With?

Because of its full-coverage, for most people it isn’t necessary to use a concealer beforehand. Unless you have very prominent blemishes or scars that are difficult to hide.

If you want to ensure that you have flawless makeup throughout the day, you could use it with the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Powder. That would make sure that your makeup stays set during hot weather and to ensure a completely flawless look.

If you have issues with bags under your eyes, if you use a dark circles treatment concealer it could help to ensure that you have a completely even and full coverage. Another option that can be used with this product is the Infallible Pro-Spray and Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray for the occasions when you want to be confident that your makeup will last, no matter what may come your way during the day.

If you have issues with wrinkles or applying this foundation on smile lines and it tends to cake up, you may want to use a primer to help it blend more effortlessly.

Should You Buy It?

While this matte makeup is top-quality for an affordable price, it may work fabulously for some while not providing the coverage that others need. Below you will find reasons why this makeup may be for you:

Do You Have Oily Skin That Looks Even Greasier With Shiny, Pro-Glow Foundation?

People with oily skin may find it difficult to find foundation that provides them with full-coverage that lasts throughout the day. They may also have issues with their coverup “reflecting the sun” with way too much shine. This L Oreal Infallible matte foundation may be exactly what you have been looking for.

Do You Have Events Coming Up Where You’ll Need Your Matte Makeup To Last For Hours?

This makeup promises 24-hour coverage so you don’t have to worry about reapplying. It’s also a good idea for those who spend long hours at the office and they want to make sure that their makeup looks flawless throughout the day. People who work jobs that require their full-attention for much of the day, such as nurses, bartenders, or teachers, may appreciate that this makeup truly lasts for hours on end.

If You Use Moisturizer Faithfully, This Makeup Should Work Well With Your Skin.

It may be difficult to apply for those who tend to have dry skin or flaky skin, although this can be remedied with skin care before application. What’s nice about this makeup is that it doesn’t leave you with that flat and dull look that many matte foundations do.

While buying cover-up is always a matter of personal preference, this Loreal Infallible matte product is a good option for most people because of its smooth texture, matte finish, and 24-hour coverage.


If you have mild to very oily skin and want to avoid the shine that is associated with many foundations, this Loreal foundation could be exactly what you have been looking for. It’s fairly priced, offers good quality, and satisfactory coverage.

As long as you don’t suffer from severely-dry skin, this may be a cover-up that works for you. Because of its affordable price, you can always give it a shot and see if it’s the holy grail of foundations.

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