5 Tips that Every New World Beginner Needs to Know

Amazon brought us a brand new MMO. It is a huge game, it is full of unique details, gathering resources and adventures. There you will be able to play with the best weapons, you will not have to play with the class, which means that you are not limited by choices. You can focus exclusively on the growth of your power, and a great weapon like you have never seen before will certainly help you a lot.

However, you should learn more about the game before you start. Here are some helpful tips we have prepared for you. This way you will learn how to gather resources faster and better, complete tasks and decide on the right version.

Quick tips

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Use the water in the inventory. So you will use health consumable. Best of all, this is free. You should also take the opportunity to save your weapons and armor. Don’t forget the repair kits. We have to draw your attention to the first house you will buy in this game, you will pay half the price. Although you will want to take advantage of this discount right away, be patient. Use it to buy a more expensive house. They may have high taxes that you have to pay later, so be careful when choosing. You can also take advantage of the LFC-NWBoost right away and separate yourself from the competition during first few months of play. Pick up any berries or other species you see, because you never know when you might need them.

Focus exclusively on one or two trade skills, not all at once. While thinking about armor, you need to know the difference between them. Lightweight armor is for PVP builds while weighing heavily loads and limits you. Your items will be damaged over time, but the good news is that you don’t have to repair them every time. Repair them only when they are completely broken, because the repair will not affect the efficiency of the equipment. You will win the loot easier if you replace the precious item with better equipment.

1. Try a lot of weapons

When it comes to choosing a weapon, focus on each weapon to try it out on time. Do it as soon as possible, because there are no classes here. This means that you will not be limited to some types of weapons. You can choose between a sword, paper, ax, spear, etc. Each of these subjects will give you a different experience. This applies not only to fighting styles but also to strengths as well as weaknesses. Take advantage of these choices and get every weapon to make sure which style suits you best.

In that case, you will not later regret not using some weapons in time. You can find new weapons anywhere. It will help you unlock many active abilities or passive skills that are associated with a particular type of weapon. We’re sure you’ll want to focus on building levels first, but as you progress you should also think about the ideal weapon combination. So, not every combination can be right for you. During the early game, try to find out.

2. Learn all about fractions and territories

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This world is divided into several different areas or territories. These areas are home to certain factions, namely the Covenant, Marauders, and Syndicate. Your choice is whether you will become part of a faction, but choose carefully. The motive of your fight depends on them, because you will automatically decide on one side. It’s all about conquering enemy territories. This means that you will want to communicate with other members of your faction in order to take part in battles with you.

Pay attention to the territories, because they are not all the same. Some are much more dangerous than others. Also, pay attention to their population, because you will probably find many enemies there. Many of them can be at a higher level. It’s best to review the map first before visiting new territory and make sure your character is up to par with certain areas.

3. Check this equipment

You should check your equipment more often to make sure it’s durable. You should not allow yourself to lose endurance, and it can really happen. Constant use of weapons and tools suffers a small loss. You will also suffer a small loss each time you die. Make checking your equipment a habit that you will adopt. In that case, you will be able to repair your weapon with a very small amount of gold and repair parts, because it will not be completely damaged. If you have surplus equipment and weapons you can always sell it via the Trading Post.

4. Perform missions regularly

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As you progress through the journey, you will need to choose one of three factions. Of course, you can always play without opting for one faction. However, when you decide on one faction, you will have to be sure that you will perform important missions every day. In the end, you will be rewarded with an EXP bonus. You can use the points you earn to buy equipment and weapons.

5. Blocking and avoiding

This game is very dynamic and looks like many RPGs. The reason is light attacks, heavy attacks, blocking and avoiding. You can achieve a lot by blocking and avoiding, but don’t forget their shortcomings. It is a very powerful weapon, but you must know how to use it at the right time. For example, when fighting more opponents than light attacks, it is best to use blocking. That way you won’t exhaust your stamina too much. Blocking is also smart to report during a bump. Use avoidance when your opponents hit you slowly and when you are not much damaged by the blows.


After years of testing, major changes in development and delays, Amazon has finally officially released New Word. With a large number of players, New World certainly made a great start. So focus on your abilities to become better in this game and use its full potential.

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