Reasons Why Wood Watches are Taking Over the Industry

A few decades ago, watches were seen as functional pieces – a tool for tracking and telling time.

But times have changed since. It is now used primarily as a fashion accessory.

It is an integral part of your personal style, which is why men and women alike are willing to invest a great deal of money to purchase watches that suit their personal style.

Wood watches are the latest to enter into the scene. And yet, it is also fastest in terms of growth in popularity with consumers.

The Advent of Wood Watches

The manufacture and design of a wood watch was first initiated to provide solution for consumers with sensitive skin.

The wooden material is hypoallergenic and is therefore suited for sensitive skin types that might be affected with metal parts or materials.

Another feature that a wood watch has to offer that most people are most surprised to find out is how very light the watch is!

You would assume that watches made from wooden materials would be too heavy or bulky on your wrist.

However, wooden watches are anything but! In fact, this makes it highly comfortable to wear because it is light and it seems as though you are not wearing any watch on your wrist at all.

Versatility in Style

The good thing about luxury wood watches is that you can find a variety of style to suit your personality. You can find models of wood watches that are either made purely out of wood and the others have wooden components to them.

For example, the straps could be made of wood and some other parts are made of metal. On the other hand, there are also those made with leather straps with a wooden face. In some designs, the wooden materials are used as accent for the watch.

With more brands manufacturing authentic wood watches, you can find a variety of options to choose from. Some brands also offer a wide range of styles and collection so you can incorporate this into your style however you want.

Expensive wood watches are a thing of the past. The use of renewable materials and recyclable items to manufacture wood watches has made the production cost lower.

The savings on the manufacturer’s end is therefore passed onto the consumers so you can buy them more affordably as compared to other luxury watch brands and designers.


If you love nature and you care about preserving the environment, this is another reason to consider investing in this type of watches.

In fact, the need to reduce the damage to the environment is the primary reason why wood watches were innovated.

Eco-conscious companies are also forging their commitment to preserving the environment by planting a tree for every watch that is manufactured. The best part about wearing a wood watch is that it is not vulnerable to temperature (unlike metal).

You can expect it to last longer than traditional watches that are made out of metal.

In fact, it harnesses the power and energy from the environment to enhance its beauty as the years past.

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