What are the signs when a relationship is over?

Each relationship is different in its own way, evolves differently and follows a certain course, from the moments that bring us closer, to the periods when the distance between partners and frustrations appear.

When you wake up on this rather difficult path, most of the time you are tempted to let things come naturally and wait for something to happen without even complicating your interest.

This is especially true in long-term relationships and signals that partners should consider couple therapy. Here are four signs that you should take this step with your partner.

You don’t feel loved anymore

Evenings spent together, holiday or future plans, gestures involving affection, are all ideal for a healthy relationship. But at the same time, hugs, eye contact, listening to our partner, all these help us to stay connected and express our love.

When there are changes in the relationship with the partner regarding these issues, the lack of interest in these small gestures will make him stop trying. Thus, therapy can help bring them back into the couple’s life.

Sex is not as pleasant anymore

If in a relationship one of the partners starts to become sexually unhappy, this is a couple issue in which both partners are involved.

Dissatisfaction is one of the main reasons why couples opt for therapy, especially since they may face situations in which the person who wants more sex is rejected by the partner, who in turn may feel pressured.

Intimacy issues may seem embarrassing, frustrating, or even frightening to partners, which is why they avoid bringing them up, even though they are aware that they are at the root of the relationship.

You don’t communicate effectively

Communication in the relationship is one of the most important aspects, especially if it is constructive and if the partners know not only how to be heard, but also how to listen. I

t is often recommended to avoid blaming the partner without taking into account that the blame is shared, but especially to avoid always expressing ourselves in conflicts with “you always” or “you never”.

One of the partners is thinking about breaking up

When the relationship no longer works properly, separation seems the most convenient solution.

Many couples prefer to postpone the moment and try to find a solution in this regard, and couple therapy is the answer. Of course, couple therapy can also be used to achieve a healthy separation or divorce, but it can also prevent these breakups.

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