Children’s day Celebration Ideas

June 1 is the day when the miracle of birth, of purity, but also the return to innocence is celebrated. Children’s Day was first mentioned in Geneva at the World Conference on the Protection and Welfare of Children in August 1925, following the adoption of the Declaration on the Protection of Children.

International Children’s Day is based on and promotes the mutual exchange of ideas, the desire to make children understand this concept, as well as the initiation of an action to promote the well-being of children around the world.

Children should never be neglected, because they are the ones who often make our day better and for whom we come to live at some point. On their birthday, they deserve special attention to know that they have certain rights, that they are important.

There are no age limits when it comes to celebrating Children’s Day. Any of us, children or adults, are allowed to feel like children and it is even necessary to leave our daily problems behind at least once a year.

It is not known exactly why June 1 was chosen as International Children’s Day, but there is a theory that the Chinese consul general in San Francisco gathered a number of Chinese orphans to celebrate the Dragon Festival, which took place be even on June 1, a date that also coincided with the Geneva Conference.

Here are some ideas for celebrating your child’s day

A family picnic

For children, it is most important for parents to spend time with them. Although adults often have the impression that little ones are interested in the most modern toys or computer, in reality, nothing is more beautiful for a child than to be around his parents, to feel that he is loved and taken into account. For this reason, a Children’s Day picnic is a good idea to spend time with the family. Put delicious home-cooked food, water and lemonade in the picnic basket and don’t forget to take a soccer ball, a rope or badminton paddles with you.

A dancing party at home

Kids love to get together and have fun, so a dancing party to which colleagues and friends of the little one can be invited can be a good idea to celebrate Children’s Day. Especially if you have a more spacious room in the house or if you have a yard, your children will be happy to invite their friends for fun. Before the party, you can create a playlist with their favorite songs with them and decide together which snacks and drinks for the children you will serve to the guests. Adults can thus also be discreet supervisors of the party, and can enjoy music and relaxation themselves.

A day of games

Nothing is more beautiful for children than games, and if parents participate in them, the joy is even greater. Do your children like to solve puzzles? Give them Children’s Day jigsaw puzzles with lots of pieces that require their thinking and analytical skills and try to build them together. Do the little ones like to draw? Finger painting helps them unleash their creativity and, in addition, is a good way to relax for adults. You can also make marbled paper together, from which you can cut out greeting cards to send to grandparents or use to decorate toy storage boxes.

A day in the kitchen

Children love to play with their hands in the flour and help their parents prepare dishes. On Children’s Day, you can all go into the kitchen to prepare, for example, cookies (the little ones will be happy to cut them into different shapes and decorate them with various edible items) or mini pizza, where everyone can choose topping- favorite dishes and put them on the dough with their own hands. On this occasion, you can try several varieties of pizza, both salty and sweet.

A hike in the mountains

Another idea to spend Children’s Day can be a getaway in the mountains, either just with family members or with your friends who also have children. You will have wonderful landscapes, fresh air and relaxation, which will be to the liking of the little ones and which will help you, the adults, to break away from the tiring rhythm at work and at home. If you take your tent and the necessary for an overnight stop, you can stay to enjoy the rest until the next day.

A marathon of movies

Sometimes the weather can be adverse and then a nature outing (or simply in the city) on Children’s Day is called into question. In this case, you can have a great time in your own home by organizing a movie marathon. The little ones have the right to vote for which movies they want to see or re-watch on this occasion, and the parents will squat on the couch with them. If you prepare for this occasion a few bowls of popcorn and a large carafe of lemonade, the satisfaction of watching will be even greater!

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