Love Quotes for Zodiac Signs

Each zodiac sign experiences the feeling of love differently, depending on the experiences he went through and his temperament.

Some natives are romantic, so they involve body and soul in a relationship, while others have volcanic personalities or are colder.

Read what love quotes are based on the characteristics of the zodiac signs and what the representatives should learn from them.

Love quotes for zodiac signs: 12 love lessons

Aries – “I had gotten rid of what I hated, but I hadn’t figured out what and where I could love, so I claimed that love was nowhere to be found.” John Fowles

Aries does not easily forget the betrayals in love, even if they managed to get rid of their resentments.

There remains a void in their souls that cannot be easily filled, so they prefer not to seek love, but to look at everything with distrustful eyes. However, they should be patient because this feeling can creep into their hearts when they least expect it.

Taurus – “Prudence and love are not made for each other; when love grows, prudence weakens. “La Rochefoucauld

Taurus representatives get very involved in a romantic relationship, but only when they are sure that the person deserves all their trust. Maybe that’s why they don’t have too many relationships in their lifetime. However, love sometimes makes them forget their principles.

Gemini – “To love does not mean to look at each other, but to look both in the same direction.” Antoine de Saint Exupery

The natives of this sign are not at all among the people who make easy decisions, on the contrary. Now they want to enter into a relationship, and after ten minutes they change their minds and postpone the final decision. The same is true when they already have a partner, often risking to make him jump.

Cancer – “True love is the only weapon man needs to win any battle and to overcome any obstacle no matter how imposing it may be.”

If they have the right partner, the Cancers don’t need anything else. The more they feel loved and safe in a relationship, the more prepared they are to face all the obstacles sprinkled by destiny in their path.

Leo – “To love or to be loved does not mean to occupy a place in someone’s heart, but to create there a place that no one can occupy.” Anonymous author

This is one of the love quotes that suits the natives of Leo the most. In love, as in any other field, they feel the need to have all the attention. But maybe instead of waiting to receive everything from the other, he should think about how he could become the most important person in his life.

Virgo – “The more you judge, the less you love.” Honor of Balzac

It is no longer a surprise to anyone that people born under the influence of this zodiac sign tend to criticize those around them, especially their partner. They believe that it helps him to develop and change for the better, while he feels less and less loved with each passing day.

Libra – “In love you do not dare to take risks because you are afraid of losing everything. And yet you have to move on, but who can say how far? “Blaise Pascal

Lovers of harmony and balance, Libra is often afraid to risk their lives because they do not know where that path will take them. Before getting even more involved in a relationship, I feel the need for insurance. But who can offer such a thing in love? And can those who do it guarantee with their feelings for life?

Scorpio – “The first step of love is to respect the freedom of one’s neighbor.” Jerome Tamas

It is difficult for Scorpio representatives to conceive that the couple’s partner also needs freedom. Their passionate and intense way of loving almost becomes suffocating for the partner, especially if he frequently has scenes of jealousy.

Sagittarius – “Love is not a fair: I love you because you love me. Love is a certainty: I love you because I love you! “Liviu Rebreanu

Sagittarians find it hard to accept that the person they fell in love with may not have the same feelings for them. But, as the quote above says, love is not a fair, but a certainty. Love it or not without any constraints.

Capricorn – “It is better to love and to lose than not to have loved at all. Alfred Tennyson

Nothing hates Capricorns in the world more than failure, regardless of its nature.

But before being overwhelmed with disappointment and closing the doors of the heart completely in the face of love, the natives must look at separations as life lessons.

Aquarius – “You never know for sure when you start loving, but you know for sure when you stop loving.” Anonymous author

Aquarius falls in love without asking too many questions and without setting boundaries.

They have everything or nothing. Love embraces them in a flash, but it leaves them just as quickly, and in the end I know for sure that it is over because the collapse of reality is extremely painful sometimes.

Pisces – “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it’s over.” Gabriel Jose Garcia Marquez

Pisces are sensitive, considering that they need more love than anyone. Quotes appropriate to their zodiac sign urge them to look at the disappointments with different eyes and to rejoice more for the experiences they have lived, otherwise, they will easily fall into depression, forgetting the meaning of life.

Now that you know what quotes guide the zodiac signs in the field of love, you will look at life with different eyes.

Beyond all the disappointments we suffer in love, we should focus more on the sublime beauty of this feeling, a small part detached from a perfect world.