How To Be An Amazing Maid Of Honor

So your best friend is getting married, and you’ve been nominated maid of honor. Congratulations!

As you know, the bride-to-be has entrusted you with great responsibility, and you don’t want to let her down. Since part of your job is ensuring that everything, including the days leading up to the wedding as well as the big day, runs as smoothly as possible, here are a few ways to be the best maid of honor a woman could ever want.

#1: Go Shopping

One of the best parts of being a maid of honor is helping the bride choose her wedding gown.

Remember, this is the day that she’ll want to look the best she ever has, and choosing the perfect dress is crucial. Offer constructive criticism of each dress she tries on.

When you know she’s happy with the one she’s picked out, lavish her with compliments and make her feel like a queen.

#2: Party Planning

Aside from the day of the wedding, there may be other parties you’re expected to coordinate or host.

The most fun is the hen party. Depending on your friend’s personality, it could be as tame as jetting off for a weekend by the beach for some cocktails or having a true VIP experience at some of the best clubs in your city.

A stress-free option is to go with a travel agency like Release Travel who specializes in hen parties. Other events you’ll need to plan include the bridal shower and possibly an engagement party for close friends and family members.

#3: Be the Best Friend

The most important role you play as a maid of honor is being a supportive friend. Is the bride stressed out about seating arrangements?

Offer helpful suggestions and a few alternatives to calm her down. Maybe there are problems with the caterer or floral arranger? Take it upon yourself to straighten out any issues that may arise with vendors. The most common problem she might face is getting cold feet a few days before.

Give her a hug and remind her how much she loves her fiancé and help her imagine the beautiful life they’ll lead together.

Remember, she chose you for a reason. Go out of your way to support her in any and every way possible.

Helping to plan a wedding and being a maid of honor is an exciting adventure for everyone involved.

Be the best you can be and ensure that the bride has the time of her life.

Long ago, during the Middle Ages, the tradition that brides still hold today is the most important event of their life: it is about the presence of the bridesmaids, as well as the knights.

In the past, the emphasis was on the male presence, as the knights played a very important role, helping the groom in the adventure of kidnapping the bride.

Today, however, the same tradition is preserved and it seems that this time the ladies play the essential role in organizing the event.

Most of the times, the spectacular image, which the presence of the bridesmaids creates next to the grooms during the photo sessions, seems to be sufficient on such a day, but in reality things are different.

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