How to recognize a mutual attraction

Learn to read gestures that say that you like, and do not be afraid to show your sympathy!
As you know, men and women enjoy a whole range of gestures in the process of courtship. Most gestures unconsciously doing is purely reflex. The success of a romantic relationship with the opposite sex depends on how much you are able to give a delicate courtship signals and correctly identify the ones that are sent to you.

Raised eyebrows. When we see an attractive object for us human, our eyebrows start to reflexively move up and down. If the object undergoes reciprocal sympathy, his eyebrows are also starting to jump up and down. This movement is about one-fifth of a second, but it happens everywhere and at any age, a representative of either sex. The fact that the raised eyebrow eyes with an overview, and the eyes – bright, attractive and open.

This “shooting” eyes easily escapes the eye, but if it is to catch, the guarantee that you will be to the liking. If deliberately lengthen the period of “the shot”, even up to one second, the cute object you more likely to get your “message.”

Parted lips. If you like the other person, his / her lips automatically priotkroyutsya at a time when you meet eyes.

Slightly extended nostrils. Raised eyebrows, parted lips and dilated nostrils – within reasonable limits – give a person an open friendly expression. An excited state indicates the appearance of blush on the cheeks. Learn more about Russian dating.

Clearly, if you met a subject with bulging eyes, slack-jawed and nostrils, it’s not good. But if a man hears a woman with straight eyebrows and calm, slightly closed eyes, it is also a bad sign: most likely, he was bored.

To attention. Means, hmm, that the man is right, straightening his shoulders, pulling the stomach, he tries to show itself in all its glory. If he leans forward to listen to a woman, it’s doubly good.

Feet shoulder-width apart. This is not a bad education, it is a sign of sexual affection. And it does not depend on whether the person is sitting or standing. Men often strive to sit, legs wide apart: so often they show the lady that he has, uh, proposing to her. Well, if it is worn at this point pants or jeans. Conversely, a woman who takes a defensive position against sexual desires men, compress or legs crossed.

Playing with clothes. For men this means to Improve tie with secret prayer that you will notice the movement. Even he can smooth the hair, pull up his jacket, check the location lapels. But when a man playing with the buttons on the jacket, most likely, he is nervous, plus demonstrates a subconscious desire to get naked for you. The next stage – taking off his jacket and placement of the hands on the hips. If he has done it all, so he sees your shoes under his bed.

Playing with hair. To show their sympathy, she makes a move his head to tilt the hair from her face, especially if they are long. Also to lure it can simply tilt the arm hair. Sends the same signal and licking her lips. By the way, men also like sprucing up: a woman never bothers to count how many times the man in a conversation with her smooth or vice versa, their hair bristling.

Voyeurism. Man frankly makes it clear that the figure of a woman is considering, stopping view of the prettiest parts. Ladies, do not flatter yourself: he is automatically scanned your figure in the first second I saw you. Now it is important to let you know that he sees you as a sexual partner.

Crossing the legs. If you wear shoes companion point in your direction, he / she is definitely interested in your person. Directing the bent knee towards the person to whom you show interest, you are demonstrating the freedom of communication. Particularly seductive pose when a woman sits with both feet tucked under her, and bare knees: this is the strongest evidence that it invites a man to take more decisive action.

Playing with a cylindrical object. Both male and female in the excited state will certainly find a glass or cup, but even though the plug to stroke, rub it with your fingers. Men cylindrical objects resemble ladies breasts, women – a subject of special male pride. The wrist of a woman has always been considered one of the erogenous zones. When a woman is interested in a man, she will try to keep the hands and wrists in his field of vision.

Touching the face. If the person is interested, he would often touch his chin, ears or cheeks. This does not mean, as many believe, that people subconsciously fixes lie. This combination of nervous and autoerotic activities. When we love someone, our skin on your lips and lower face is very sensitive to stimulation. If you smoke, you inhale more often. If you drink, you will make more sips. You touch my lips, you like it, also alludes to another person, that a kiss is not far off.

Guiding hand. If a man supports you by the elbow or shoulder, it’s a good sign. First, it is a polite way to take you through the crowd. Second, because it makes sure that you do not get lost. Third, it will scare the other invader to you, because you already have a man around. Plus a lot of random touches … In short, this is a positive gesture.

It offers you a sweater or coat. Few men would be happy, if she returns from a date in one’s jacket. Even if without it she would have died of hypothermia. Men give their jacket or sweater because it protects, sexy and possessive gesture. He says, “What’s mine is yours” (and vice versa). First, this thing smells like it, then it will smell you. Finally, he has a reason to declare on your horizon again – if only to pick up his property.

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