Rules of Life – Mel Gibson

I did not kill anybody.
My biggest weakness – it is incontinence. But, thank God, I’m not as unrestrained as once was.
I never felt the wrath of the Lord.
Reporters – the only breed of people who can eat you alive.

Do I love those who hate me? They do not like me, but I love them.

I love women, because a woman – this is the best God’s Purpose. And if women want to be the same as men, that is, down to the level below, well, so be it.

I love being a father. So you get younger. It’s also a chance to start life over again, looking at it from another angle.

The children learn more than they learn from you.

I first thought about how to become a director in 16 years. I wanted to make a film about Vikings on the Norse, who was then studying. Stupid idea, right? But that’s why I became a director.

Play – is to lie. Art of the actor – is the art of subtle lies, and for a long time, I only pay what I elaborately lied on camera. Learn more about celebrities and recent hot celebs news at MastLists.com.

Everyone says that Hollywood – a factory, but forget to say that in this factory, each of us is only a small knot huge mechanism. If we break, we are changing.

Man dies slowly. Did many of the events of our lives – it’s not the stages of death? Is not life leaves us in parts?

I have many different fears. For example, in the morning to milk over cereal, or that someone otchekryzhit my balls.

Stealthier than evil, so it is terrible. The devil is not holding a neon sign over his head, “the devil.”

Evil finds its way to all of us, but there is one thing in common: first of all evil convinces you that it does not exist.

Give the enemies of ice cream.

I do not understand how you can not make friends with Jodie Foster.

All I did after “Lethal Weapon-4″ – is an attempt to apologize for the “Lethal Weapon-4.”

What makes a man a good movie? Having fun? And maybe teach? Or raises? A good movie makes it all at once. Otherwise you’re just wasting your time in front of the screen.

Most of the movie – it’s just a mountain of film reels, if you look.

The man on the screen, and the man in my life – they are different people. Remember the words of Cary Grant? He was asked what it is – to be Cary Grant, and he replied: “I have no idea what this guy.”

Any changes are accompanied by pain. If you feel no pain, so nothing has changed.

Sometimes I think that the greatest power of the human mind – the ability to forget.

The best answer you can get a silly question – is the silence.

Dreams always look miserable on paper.

I never said that he was ready to die with a weapon in his hands.

For some reason, many people think that I’m a Republican, but it is not. In past elections, I do not know who to vote for. You look at them, and in my head at you like, “Well, the choice turns out, is this: you want to be hit or to kick you.”

When you vote for an independent candidate, your conscience will never hurts.

I’m still waiting for my chance.

I do not consider themselves either Australian or American. I – a hybrid, and I had been living with this because, and Australia, and the United States – a beautiful country.

I like to communicate with the American Australians. They are much less cautious in his statements, and it gives a completely different level of communication.

Political correctness – is intellectual terrorism. Everything will not always love everyone.

Everyone there left any prejudice.

If you’re going to buy three hats, grow first couple more goals.

What did you do, you have done, and I must admit it. Otherwise, you look like a man who is trying to push the toothpaste back in the tube.

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