How to Tie Up Your Lover

You may be bored with the same old sexual activity or just curious about the BDSM lifestyle.

Whatever the reason, light bondage play can really increase the steam factor in the bedroom.

If you take time to learn some basic bondage techniques and rules, your first experience tying up a lover will be more satisfying.

Fallow safety rules and listen to your lover, and just about anyone can become an expert in tying up their lover in no time.

1. Practice

You should always practice your bondage and tying up style before it is time to do the deed.

You can find instructions on proper knot-tying technique all over the Internet.

This is important to do, because if you tie an unsafe knot, neither of you will have fun and you could even cause an injury. Safe sex is the way to go.

2. Gather Materials

You will want to have certain items on hand when it is time for a little bondage play.  

The quickest way to kill a good sexual moment is to have to stop and wait while someone tries to tie a knot or untangle a rope.

As for rope, you need to have plenty of it on hand — six or seven lengths of rope varying in length from just a few feet up to six feet long.

Make sure to talk to your partner and pick up any BDSM accessories the two of you have agreed to play with.

3. Safe Word

You and your partner should have a safe word worked out beforehand when you get into bondage play.

A safe word is any word spoken by the submissive partner that lets the dominant partner know that the game is over.

When you hear the safe word, you must release your partner immediately.

This is another safety measure that happens to make both partners more comfortable at the same time.

4. Mood

Even bondage play requires the proper mood. Do not rush through the tying up process — it is really all about the mood.

You could try a calming massage beforehand to get everyone’s nerves calm or any other tactic to relieve the tension in the bedroom.

The mood for bondage play is slow and steady, not rushed and harried.

5. Basic Bondage Safety

Limit each bondage position to a 30 minute maximum, and check your partner frequently to make sure they feel okay and no circulation is being cut off by your ropes.

You should have a pair of sturdy scissors handy for quick release.

6. Enjoy Yourselves

Bondage play is fun for both partners. Tying up your lover allows you to tease them to no end.

Blindfolds, feathers, or any creative method of exploring a person’s body are the norm in light bondage play.

Having a lover all bound and tied up is an exciting thought for most people — in most cases, your lover will appreciate being bound and being at your mercy.

Just make sure to work out the safety issues and all your BDSM gear needs ahead of time.

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