How to Make Leveling in WoW TBC Not Exhausting and Boring

Leveling up in any WoW expansion can be pretty boring, since there is nothing interesting, and the player only needs to accomplish a few levels quickly, so they can improve their character and equipment, to be better at the game. There are a few ways to do that, but it seems like everything is really exhausting and time-consuming, so many of them are either giving up on the idea to play WoW, or they are looking for something more exciting to do that.

When we talk about The Burning Crusade, it’s worth mentioning that you again need to focus on the improvement, so you can accomplish better results at the game.

Sometimes it’s hardest for beginners who have not played the classic WoW and want to play TBC. Our advice is to endure levels from 1 to 60, because between 60 and 70 is what is interesting and exciting. But you gain a lot of experience in 1-60 and you can see the differences with the other expansions and figure out what to do next. It is good to have a plan, to avoid cheating, but also to use all the means that can be used to reach that famous 70 levels as quickly as possible.

You can make a game plan yourself, but also find a way to make it all more fun, without sinking into monotony. There is another way that does not involve you, but your money – and that is the use of carrier services, where for a certain amount you can buy a service. You can find out more about WoW Boost.

And if you want to do it yourself, you can:

1. Complete as many quests as possible


This is the most obvious, but also the best way to progress in any WoW expansion. Our recommendation is to read the challenge, delve into the story, ie empathize with it, and then dedicate yourself to the game. We know that you are in a hurry to reach level 70, but believe me, if you pay attention to the details, the previous ones will be interesting to you. With the very fact that your character will be poorly equipped, you get an even stronger challenge. Also, pay attention to the colors of the quest log, ie those that are green and yellow are slower but lighter, grays will bring you more experience, while reds and oranges are for higher levels and can be harder for beginners, who can lose a lot if they immediately go to the more difficult challenges.

2. Make as many friendships as possible

As with many strategies, video games are sometimes more important than building strong friendships rather than being stronger than your opponent. So it is with leveling up at TBC. While help and community are good for both you and your strategy, when you join a guild and make friends, we guarantee that the whole process will be much more interesting than you think. You will share experiences together and maybe help each other to achieve better results. If you are having fun, then you will not feel the boredom and monotony of the game.

3. Dungeons and even more dungeons


When you group with your friends, then you are ready for a dungeon experience, which is one of the most effective ways to progress to higher levels without getting bored. Dungeons are a lot more fun when you spend them with friends. Some activities may be repetitive, but when you have your own people with you, the experience can be really exciting and you will not notice that it is monotonous. At the same time, you collect extra XP, which is also great for advancing the game.

4. Destroy the enemies

What to do between quests? It’s easy, fight the enemies. Leveling up in TBC, as we have already said, can become very monotonous and take you a lot of time, but of course, you can use the empty time slots to do something useful, ie get rid of some of the enemies. You will also get XP but still will not watch as much as during the quest.

5. Rest


Anyone who invests time and energy in something should take a break. You can do that in the game in the inn or in a rested area and it is best to increase your experience when you are resting, which then helps you in the game. Use the time when you do not play really smart because that can be very useful for you.

6. If you can not do it yourself, ask for help

As we have already said, there is a high risk that playing any WoW expansion will become boring when it comes to advancing through the game. However, there are people for whom this is a life choice and profession. We have already mentioned the booster services, which will help you personally take a break from the game and return to the most interesting. If you do not want to or if it is difficult for you to achieve any of these, then do not hesitate to use this service. In addition to saving time, you will have enough energy to be able to commit to the challenges that come with reaching level 70. If you are a beginner, then we do not recommend this, as you still need to gain some experience alone.


For some games, however, there is no pre-designed strategy that you can follow to achieve successful results. On the other hand, by teaming up and setting common goals, even the most tedious activities become fun. You must change your mindset and set it to think it’s the most exciting game in the world. But, at least, we can promise you that once you complete the leveling up, there are a lot of exciting things to do after that. Therefore, join as many players on a similar level as possible and do some things together. Really, together you will have more fun and you will pass the challenge faster.

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