Which is the Easiest Mythic Dungeon in Shadowlands?

In case you have decided to try Mythic plus alone or with your friends, you probably want to know which are the easiest mythic dungeons in Shadowlands, and which will require a lot of your time, effort and skills, so you want to bypass them for now. There are a few easy dungeons that may be your choice to start with, and then you can move your way up over time and move on to something more challenging. What you need to keep in mind is that almost every week the difficulties of each individual mythic dungeon in Shadowland changes due to rotating affixes, so this title is very variable. However, if we take into account the toughness of boss fights and mobs, it is possible to make a short list of the easiest mythic dungeons in Shadowland. Let’s start!

Halls of Atonement


Halls of atonement is one of the very simple dungeons that is very popular with wow players. This mythic dungeon is characterized by being mostly front-loaded and it is crucial to make sure that everyone stays in the circle of the first boss, that stuns should be on the second, and soaks on the last boss to make the game optimal. You will probably be at 85% mob progression by the time you reach the second boss, which is very desirable. Make sure you are at about 80% with the other boss to make sure everything runs smoothly. Another thing to keep in mind are the gargoyle packs you need to deal with. And that’s pretty much it. If you succeed to meet mentioned criteria and handle the gargoyles you are completely safe and you can move on. Great job!

Mists of Tirna Scithe


If we had to single out just one easiest mythic dungeon in the Shadowlands, it would probably be Mists of Tirna Scithe, which is why it is the most popular. We can say that it is probably more popular even than Halls of atonement due to its pretty static layout and the fact that players know how to solve the maze. You will not encounter many variations from one game to another, which increases the chances of success in the game greatly. This mythic dungeon is special in that it is not affected by keys to a greater extent and encounters with bosses are not so challenging. In case you are just starting the game and you are looking for an easy dungeon where you have a chance, then we recommend MoTS, because it has many benefits for beginners.

Many believe that one of the main reasons for that is the lack of some scary and challenging parts that are present in more challenging dungeons. Basically, if you manage to get past the first few pulls you have a great chance to experience great success in this dungeon. Like the Halls of atonement, MoTS is fairly front-loaded and does not contain major blockades that require more effort, as is the case with heavier mythic dungeons in the Shadowlands.

If you want to step up your game, you always have the boost option available to become more powerful and be able to beat a much larger number of bosses and achieve the desired results. You can read more about it at

De Other Side


Nowadays, De Other Side is one of the easiest dungeons you can try in the game, but that hasn’t always been the case. Previously, this mythic dungeon was very challenging and featured hard bosses that were not easy to deal with. However, this dungeon has meanwhile got a nerf who added two minutes to the timer and things have changed completely. Today, this dungeon is recommended for beginners because it is not too challenging, although there are some tricks to be aware of from the beginning.

The main thing about it is that it is non-linear, which means that you should have a well-developed plan before you embark on an adventure. And one more thing: the Adenwield section is the one you want to focus on when it comes to getting your percentage, so it’s often a good idea to save it for last so you have maximum control over the situation. To conclude: the dungeon is not too difficult, but there are some things that you should pay attention to in order to increase your chances of success. Pay special attention to the last boss, as this phase can be quite challenging, so you want to have some defensive cooldowns for it.

Spires of Ascension


The last mythic dungeon that is easy to cross is the Spiers of Ascension which is only a bit heavier than the first two dungeons we mentioned. At Spiers of Ascension you can find certain combinations of affixes that make the game a bit more complex. Also, it will require some more time. However, with CC and interrupts, this dungeon is still quite easy to handle, so you can try it if you’re just starting out or aiming for something a little easier.

The phase you need to pay special attention to is the one just before the last boss. It is crucial that the three angles are not pulled together, otherwise you may get into trouble. They can heal each other even when they die, and then attack your group and inflict great damage on it. With extra caution and a good strategy, you will get through and succeed.

Conclusion: If you are at the beginning of discovering World of Warcraft and its mystic dungeons, you will probably want to focus on some easier things to help you succeed. However, how do you know which dungeons are in the Shadowlands? Probably the easiest mythic dungeon is Mists of Tirna Scithe due to its pretty static layout and the fact that players know how to solve the maze. But there is also the Halls of atonement which is quite popular and easy, too. Lastly, two more mythic dungeons in Shadowland are De Other Side and Spiers of Ascension which are a bit more complex or demanding, but with a little effort and practice it will also become easy enough for you that you can almost always successfully complete them.

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