Is Gladiator Title Permanent Shadowlands

Getting titles in the World of Warcraft is surely an achievement. Not only in WOW but in other games too. If you have a specific title, others respect you. Moreover, different players want to play with you. So you will be at the center of attention. Furthermore, the titles change quite often. If you get a new title, you might or might not leave the previous one.

One of such titles is “Gladiator” that you can get as a reward in Shadowlands. When you play the Battle for Azeroth, you will get the Gladiator there. The rating is 2400 plus. Therefore, if you want to win that title, you need to win at least 50 games above the rating.

The title will remain with you for the ongoing season. Therefore, whether you win another title or not, this one will be with you for at least one season. And also for the amount of the season. But if you are interested in buying the gladiator boost, you can go to

Getting titles shows your performance in the game. However, these titles can be of great help in getting more achievements. But it is also possible that you won the games and got the title but your character is not strong enough. Therefore, you will need to boost it up. And where can you do so?

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Shadowlands – World of Warcraft


Shadowlands is the 8th expansion in the World of Warcraft. The announcement about shadowlands was made at the end of 2019. However, it was released on the 23rd of Nov because it was the 26th anniversary of WOW.

Opening the expansion

As you open up the expansion, you will enter the realm of the dead. You must have experienced it in the Warcraft lore. You will go through the “level squish” first and then move towards the leveling system.

In addition to this, you will also get access to the “Death Knight”. So this level is especially for those who have been dying to get into the Death Knight. You can now play your game in a different mode. And face covenants in the new dungeons and go on different raids and zones.

Chains of Domination

After 2 months of the release of the game, the company announced another location and plot. Therefore, you can also play the Chains of Domination in Korthia. You will face “Sylvanas Windrunner” as the final boss in this plot.

The gameplay


All the players who are at 120 level, can play Shadowlands. But you must also know that this is a reduction plot. Therefore, you will drop to level 50 in this gameplay.

Once you enter the plot, you will arrive at the Exile’s Reach Island. There, you will get to know more about the game and your missions. Moreover, everything that you need to play a better game, you will learn about it on that island. So pay attention to the details and learn more about the system.

Once you finish your time on the Island, you will proceed towards the “Battle for Azeroth”. But don’t worry, you will first get the introduction and afterward, the real game. So you can learn about it first.

You will have the choice of finishing your time on the content and starting playing the game. Or you can simply create a new character and experience the expansion as you like. But for new characters, you will need to play 50 levels and then proceed towards the real Shadowlands.

5 major zones

In this gameplay, you will go through five zones. These are,

• Bastion
• Ardenweald
• Revendreth
• Maldraxxus
• Maw

The main player hub is the center city which is “Oribos”. The players will go through different dungeons to play in different zones. Firstly, the player will go through th4 dungeons for leveling.

Afterward, the next four dungeons will be at the maximum level. So you will play a total of 8 dungeons. And after that, you will go for the raid.

There is another 9th dungeon that you can choose to play. It is available for both solo and team players. So if you want to play a solo game, you can do so. And if you have all your teammates, you can have fun there with them.


All these 5 zones are ruled by Covenants, with each one having its campaign. You will need your gear to win the game. Therefore, you need to prepare beforehand, prepare your gear and make your team. The 4 covenants that you will face are;

• Kyrian of Bastion
• Night Fae of Ardenweald
• Venthyr of Revendreth
• Necrolords of Maldtaxxus

If you want to pledge yourself to one of these covenants, you need to be at least at level 60.

Reward Guide


You need rewards for motivation and moving on with your game. So here are the rewards that you will get in WOW Shadowlands.

1 – Titles

If you participate in the battlegrounds, you will get your rating. This will determine your level and the items and gear that you will get. Furthermore, the overall points will determine your title at the end of the season. This title will remain with you till the next season.

For example, if you want to get the “gladiator” title. You will need a rating of 2400 plus. In addition to this, you must also have 50 more game wins above that point. Winning these games and getting these points will make you eligible for the title “Gladiator”.

Other than titles, you will also get these rewards;

2 – Seasonal and Gladiator Mounts
3 – Transmog, illusion and weapons
4 – Prestige and Honor
5 – War mode
6 – Deathbringer Meta
7 – PvP Gear Vendors

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